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"Put borrow " business of account of individual loan rise in value appears
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A few days ago, client king did not have center of loan of housing of stannic branch individual to deal with to construction bank natively first " put borrow " business of account of individual loan rise in value. This is first conducts this business client after this roll out this business.

Alleged " put borrow " business of account of individual loan rise in value, it is to build silver-colored behavior to deal with the rise in value that the borrower of individual loan business uses fund effectively neatly and offers to serve a product in one's own profession. It is reported, always deal with individual housing to borrow money in construction bank, and loan interest rate implements float interest rate, reimbursement means is used on schedule reimbursement (be not one-time reimbursement) , loan was not paid off, the client with credit good case all can apply for to conduct this business. The client is borrowing money its individual housing era buckles account to apply for to be " put borrow " after appreciation account, prep above of account memory money 30 thousand yuan when, the Construction Bank is automatic its certain proportional bank savings is in do not inspect below the circumstance that draw money still borrows still borrow ahead of schedule together (deposit account remaining sum is changeless) , real interest expenses reduces the client; And when the client needs capital, can extract at any time " put borrow " the part in appreciation account or total saving (include to be inspected to be the same as the share that still borrows ahead of schedule to deposit money) .

"Put borrow " business of account of individual loan rise in value suits very much at ordinary times the capital inside account is more, have the client of untimely needs. According to introducing, this business has 3 big characteristics: It is to reduce expenses of actual loan interest, increase the profit of deposit account. "Put borrow " prep above of remaining sum of appreciation account deposit 30 thousand yuan when, the share that is counted automatically to shift to an earlier date to still be borrowed will need not pay loan interest again, put how many days, calculate how many days. Every months of end, the form with appreciation accrual returns Construction Bank general to still be regarded as to shift to an earlier date to still shift a managing interest. 2 it is capital is used go to the lavatory neatly, after avoiding to still be borrowed ahead of schedule, need capital to apply for the trouble of loan again again. 3 it is a function powerful, satisfy need of different conduct financial transactions. Every loan but set is put lend an appreciation account, appreciation accrual is clearer; Many loan of same usurer but set is put lend an appreciation account; Later new loan is enjoyed automatically " put borrow " privilege is convenience, need not apply for again.

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