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3 quarters investigate the Central Bank: The dweller buys room intent 10 years t
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The last ten-day of a month in August 2008, chinese people bank in the whole nation 50 big, medium, small towns undertook town depositor questionnaire is investigated, reclaim effective questionnaire 20000.

Investigation shows, the stock market lasts low fan, the dweller invests apiration to drop, bank deposit makes the dweller's first selection again. Below current price and interest rate level, the dweller number that thinks investment share or fund are the most economical is occupied than for 8.2% , relatively on season drops considerably 8.6 percent, drop repeatedly 4 quarters. 6 is become much (63.2% ) capital of the mainest finance is dweller family " deposit deposits money " , this scale rose 4 quarters repeatedly since 3 quarters 2007 oneself, accumulative total increases 12.8 percent.

This season is investigated, the dweller number that 3 months plan to buy a house holds future than for 13.3% , respectively than going up season is mixed the corresponding period dropped last year 1.8 with 2.8 percent, achieve since investigation began 1999 lowermost level.

In 7 of investigation big cities, the one class city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Guangzhou, the dweller number that 3 months plan to buy a house holds future than all be not worth 10% , under countrywide average level.

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