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Grade A office price 12 million sale of Citigroup Tower no disk access
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To $ 5,200 / square meter (about 40,000 yuan / square meter) of the price to buy, only about 6 years time, Citibank Tower, Lujiazui individual Grade A office space shouted the owner of 12 yuan / square meter throw price 3 times the price doubled. Chinese Commercial News reporter Le Jiedao, or for 120,000 yuan / sq m asking price is too high, starting from March this year, listed to the present, listed property related to the building has not succeeded in finding the right person then set. Prices rose nearly 6 years, 3 times Chinese Commercial News reporters Jin Rizai and Mou Ershou commercial real estate web site found that the lower zone, Citibank Tower, Lujiazui, a whole layer of each floor and a half layer of the floor in the listed selling, offer up to 12 yuan / square meter. The reporter then taken Visit to the charge of the property listed for sale of a business sales agency Xu, and conducted site visits. Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone as a landmark, with a prominent United States? Point Citibank? Snow marked the 45-story building located in the Pudong Shangri-La Hotel next to the Huangpu River in the first row of the Provisional Riverview location of the top foreign office . It is understood that the building broke ground in late 2002 on the occasion, Citigroup has with the developer - the Hai Ba Ding real estate development company has signed an agreement to buy naming rights, and to purchase in the near future the cost of which 8 floors Access to "Citibank Tower," naming rights. At present, the property selling online, Citibank Tower, located in the 5th and 7th floor, 5 floor, the floor is the sale of the whole floor area of 2664 square meters, priced 120,000 yuan / sq m, equivalent to total about 3.2 billion; The 7th floor of the building is Half the level of sales, an area of about 1330 square meters, priced at 118,000 yuan / square meters, total roughly 1.57 billion. "The two levels of the owner, not the individual buyers, 5th Floor, floor owned enterprises is a private enterprise in Changzhou, Jiangsu, and 7, belong to the level of a company called" German Wen Kai, "the foreign trading company, currently Germany Sold only half the level, the level of the other half is still reserved for their own use. "Relevant source told reporters that the two companies are at the end of 2004, Citibank Tower, owner of the building (on Hai Ba Ding real estate development company) when opening Purchased, the purchase price was roughly $ 5,200 / square meter, or about 40,000 yuan / square meters can not. So, 6 years or so, the two bid and offer prices the owner has risen 3 times between the prices, "according to a half layer of 1,300 square meters of area of view, 7th floor of the German companies to pay admission only $ 6,760,000 about RMB 5400 Million, the total price has now sold more than a million higher than the whole. " Neighboring office buildings priced around 60,000 transactions It is understood that the two have been adopted by the owner or agency in Shanghai to find more intermediaries, who then set. "But the 12 yuan / square meter price is too high, it is difficult to find suitable buyers, in March of this year to now just outcry, not into Pay. "Mr. Xu explained that it" has a lot of customers came to see the house, but they are too expensive, and instead go buy a lot of offices around the low prices, for example, the Bank of China Tower in Lujiazui area a few months to a deal 3 the whole layer, single- Price of 65,000 yuan / square meter, while the People's Insurance Building, there are three levels of success of the overall sale, priced at 5.8 yuan / square meters. " "Currently in Lujiazui, the market selling second-hand Grade A office space, higher offer only 70,000 -8 yuan / square meter, and up to 12 properties, Citibank Tower, yuan / square meter level of the asking price may be present throughout the Highest price of the office of the sea. "Shanghai by Xiao Li, general manager of Star Bank, the outcry did surprisingly high, according to a half layer of floor plates or sale involves a large amount of the total purchase price, butt plate are financial strength to Demand is too high, so there are no transactions for so long can be understood. Rental rate of return from the point of view, the rent of the building in accordance with the present day, 8.5-10 yuan / sq m level, 12 yuan / square meter price level of investment, at least 30 years of rental income to the basic cost recovery. General Large transactions in the office, then set the investment institutions expect "at least 7 percentage points can be the gross rate of return or net rate of 5 percentage points, obviously, the number of listed properties difficult to achieve." Said Xiao Li, who then set Risky.
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