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House price shadow envelops a bank: Partial bank room borrows a risk to increase
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Although each bank surrendered a bright key point metaphase reported 2008, but the specified amount of loan of exceed the time limit of partial bank has begun to grow, the between the lines that many bank half an year sign up for everywhere flash is worn the shadow that house price adjusts place to bring.

The room borrows remaining sum to last grow

From the point of the metaphase report of each bank, the annulus of loan remaining sum to real estate grows most bank more quickly than all coming true, add panel height the most quickly to amount to among them 47.83% .

The adjustment that is in building city in clamour, nanjing bank criterion hurricane dart, its room borrows business to compare amplitude with the annulus of 47.83% , rank an industry the first, scale of real-estate industry loan also from 2007 of the bottom 7.4% rise to 9.8% . In the before 10 big clients of this bank, already 4 clients undertake estate is developed, notable is, this bank waits for processing in asset of pay a debt in kind or by labour, house property kind the amount of asset already from 2007 of the bottom 19.27 million rise to 27.27 million, the house property that is used at pay a debt in kind or by labour is in grow in quantity.

Industrial and commercial bank is on inside course of study gigantic without bully position, amount of its real-estate loan is huge, this year first half of the year, estate developed loan to increase 33.7 billion yuan, grow 11.3% , compared to the same period little grew nineteen billion one hundred and eighty-eight million yuan, industrial and commercial bank says, basically be actual strength the loan of development of housing of high grade client with strong, tall aptitude increases. Loan of its individual housing is five hundred and seventy-five billion seven hundred and seventy-two million yuan, and five hundred and thirty-six billion three hundred and thirty-one million yuan are when the bottom 2007.

The real-estate loan of the bank that start line of business is occupied than be as high as 14.29% , rank banking first place, be made fun of to call by the outside " the room borrows the first bank " .

But also be not all banks to value real estate, the bank that enrol business, Beijing bank and peaceful wave bank appear quite cautious on the operation, implementation annulus is compared - 0.2% , - 5.8% and - the growth of 5.88% .

Promote trade bank to make stand

Because the highest real-estate loan of 14.29% is occupied,compare, the bank that start line of business was inspected to do a room to lend an issue by the outside " surveyor's pole enterprise " . Numerous analyst gave height attention to the asset circumstance of this bank.

Promote newspaper of trade bank half an year to show, yield of profit of this company business income, net, net assets all has growth, among them net profit grows 79.65% compared to the same period. Nevertheless, many analysts think however, the bank that start line of business is existing at present risk, include to exceed the time limit borrows money and pay close attention to kind of loan among them double litre, the industry structure that loan sets and suck put cost these 3 tall problem.
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