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Long An Exchange City office on December 26 to raise public recognition
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Known as Optics Valley of the fastest growing state-level development zone, its development speed is very fast, high-end business is facing a huge crowd, Long An Exchange City (Owners Forum) join Beacon Hotel, to meet the market demand for Optical Valley region. Long An Exchange City, located in the center of this bustling background, is bound to open new high-end living imagination and create brilliant Optics Valley. Read the city, from the construction started. When the Gateway City to Long An meters of height when standing on top of Optics Valley, is bound to become high-tech area of the city labels, which lead the business development trend. Optics Valley of the absolute core of the hardcover district SOHO, is the wealth class investment choice. Large colorful business, enjoying the Optical Valley of the core business district of a powerful flow of people, in charge of future wealth. Homes can enjoy the bustling international fashion. Long An Exchange City real estate project is expected to invest 2.5 billion yuan, is an apartment-style office building (SHOU), business offices, hotels and business as one of the high-rise buildings, building area of 73,000 square meters, the completion of the project area will be the symbol of Wuhan Optics Valley of one of the building. The real estate close to the busy pedestrian street and the Metro Line 2, South Lake West Vision, the best elite entrenched wealth Optics Valley territory, with 48 universities, 56 central and provincial subordinate research institutes, 11 national key labs , 10 national engineering centers, more than 700 R & D institutions, high-tech industry within the region gathered, business resources, irreplaceable, high-end consumer demand. City of Long An Exchange hardcover SOHO Space 1.5 Articles in the financial body into a commercial podium, not only to meet the needs of business people, and meet the people's daily lives. Here, you can go to enjoy life, you can go to experience life. 5A Grade A office space, according to 5A system equipped office, communications, security, building automation and fire intelligence system; selection of international brands Mitsubishi Elevator, carrying a smooth, safe, efficient, more comfortable ride. Underground garage with 12,000 square meters, automatic identification system using IC card, by professionals, exudes feeling. Elite determined to build a top quality office environment. More gym, reading room, art room, darts hall with 12 major theme of public space, rich in complex facilities, tailor-made for the elite. Long An Exchange City offices will be open from December 26 identification chips, Special offer 2 million arrived during the 3 million discount.
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