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Macroscopical in July economy " green light " move
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The plan of signal of early-warning of index of macroscopical economy boom that national statistic bureau announces 26 days shows, index of early-warning of our country macroscopical economy was July 114.7, with on the month keeps balance, those who be in steady state " green light area " .

Index of macroscopical economy early-warning with 100 for ideal level, "Green light area " state economy moves be in normal area. 10 of early-warning index made index July in, orgnaization of profit of company of income of investment of industrial production, fixed assets, finance, industry, finance borrows money each and the money supplies M2 to wait for 6 index to be in " green light area " , but average per capita of dweller of amount of imports and exports of social consumable total volume of retail sales, custom, town can control income and dweller consumption 4 index such as the price shine " Huang Deng " .

In what announce each Xiang Hong watched economic boom index July in, mirror current economy to take the coincident index of situation basically for 103.41, than going up the month drops 0.3. Use at going to economic future situation the index of go ahead of the rest that has forecasting is 101.01, than going up the month drops 0.67. Data shows, our country of before 7 months invests increasing ratio to accelerate 0.5 percent first half of the year, consumptive increasing ratio accelerates 0.3 percent first half of the year. July, export increases relatively on the month accelerates 9.3 percent. Pull those who move economic growth " 3 drive carriage " move smooth, economic growth shows more powerful motive force and vigor.

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