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100 million to buy mini-office anti-inflation
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Holding fifty or sixty million in the Tianhe District, what kind of property to invest? In today's inflationary pressures at the high, many middle-class will look into the impact from the New Deal, the price is more affordable small area office. Recently, the Express reporter looking for something special for everyone located in the Tianhe business hub of the small area office, within the total 100 million, down 50 million or less, is usually working for the middle class family can afford, and because it These projects are in the business circle in Tianhe mature, convenient leasing, investment and secure, anti-inflation increase the value of a more secure future. Recommendation 1 Wen Jing Science and Technology Community (hand) is located in Tianhe district IT and University Circle at the junction, supporting mature, near the BRT and metro station, and convenient transportation. Founder intervals, with self-contained and ecological balcony, distribution full decoration, Independent air-conditioning, commercial and residential can be. Compared to the surrounding affordable price, the unit interval is small, the total price starting as low as 45 million each. Foreign sale in December.
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