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"Country house boom index " successive 9 months annulus compares fall after a ri
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The data that national statistic bureau publishs yesterday shows, august, "Country house boom index " for 101.78, than July fall after a rise 0.58 bits, be the same as lunar fall after a rise 2.7 a little bit than last year. This index from last year since November, successive already 9 months annulus compares fall after a rise.

Statistical data shows, up to August end, area of empty place of countrywide commodity house 130 million square metre, grow 8.7% compared to the same period. Among them, house of empty buy commodity 65.55 million square metre, grow 8.7% ; Empty buy office building 8.22 million square metre, grow 7.8% ; Empty buy commerce does business with the room 40.12 million square metre, grow 4.7% .

1-8 month, countrywide estate develops an enterprise to finish land to develop a face to accumulate 165 million square metre, grow 2.1% compared to the same period, before amplitude is compared 7 months put delay 2.1 percent, than last year the corresponding period puts delay 13.2 percent. Implementation of company of countrywide estate development reachs the designated position capital two thousand five hundred and ten billion two hundred million yuan, grow 14.1% compared to the same period. Among them, home borrows money 504.9 billion yuan, grow 11.5% ; Use foreign capital 44.9 billion yuan, grow 21.0% ; The enterprise fundses raised by oneself 980.9 billion yuan, grow 34.5% .

Before 8 months, the whole nation finishs estate development to invest 1.843 trillion yuan, grow 29.1% compared to the same period. The residence completes investment one thousand three hundred and thirty-eight billion five hundred million yuan, grow 31.7% . Among them, applicable housing invests economy 54.7 billion yuan, grow 21.7% .

1-8 month, area of countrywide building construction 2.316 billion square metre, grow 21.7% . Among them, residential construction area 1.836 billion square metre, grow 22.9% ; Area of office building construction 78.43 million square metre, grow 7.4% ; Commerce does business area of the construction that use a room two hundred and forty-two million four hundred and twenty thousand square metre, grow 13.5% .

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