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The purchase of residential to office buildings and other commercial real esta
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See nowadays a lot of commercial projects in the promotion, the occasion to "Residential Sales" policy, foreign advocates reached the commercial real estate this is a good opportunity; I believe that the treatment of such advertisements, must be carefully chosen. In fact Investment relative to ordinary residential commercial projects for the high capital requirements, high cost of ownership, return on investment stability and other characteristics, so the market a long period of stable development stage. Commercial real estate is not easy to love you Some people think that by the effect of the policy out, must have a lot of potential customers from the residential market to commercial market investment. Shanghai Zhongyuan feedback from front-line perspective, "Shanghai 12" post offices, shops and other commercial properties with a view rose by about 20%, but the actual volume increase is about 10%. On the one hand, commercial real estate investment Completely different ideas and residential projects, the investment payback period, the market transaction taxes, capital investment customers have different degrees of difference in degree, so customers need to cultivate a certain period of time. On the other hand, commercial real estate into Higher income threshold is a big hindrance. Commercial life of the project is currently 40 years, 5 percent down payment, loan interest rate is 1.1 times the benchmark rate, it seems basic and residential "Second Suite" is similar, but commercial real estate loans Period is generally within 10 years. Customers will find that purchasing commercial real estate projects, the general office room rate was 65% -70% of the individual or even only 50% lower rate of use of the area are virtually increase the purchase cost . In the holding costs, property management fees for office space easily several hundred yuan per square meter, is 10 times more than residential projects, also means that once the property owners to fully consider the cost of capital when empty. Not only that, Mature business investment threshold is often based on millions of the counts, it is not generally determine the funding requirements of the investors want to enter this market will be able to get around. In addition, the commercial real estate projects require the holder to have good investment mentality, due to higher transaction taxes (at least part of the trading gains of 30% -60%), there are few landlords in the acquisition of 2,3 years after the resale Sell; from commercial property and residential investment returns, the general maturity of the commercial rate of return on investment of 5% -8%, 10 to 20 years is expected to cost recovery, the general price increase each year about 10% of these with the investment Owned residential real estate is entirely different. Especially the individual used to purchase residential property after 2-3 years, more than 50% price appreciation, and then moved to other projects of the clients, commercial projects require long-term to "support" and holding to its price Value gradually released. Commercial property investment potential is still unlimited Trading office in Shanghai, the Central Plains from the customer features, the choice of about 6-7 clients a one-time payment, there are also individual customers to choose the first one-time payment transaction models, and then to the property as collateral, the loan with the rent; Moreover, as these customers are mostly regular customers of the investment market, most of them, and one or two banks have a good relationship and credit history, do not need to worry about an intermediary agency. From the point of view the subject of the current transaction downtown, older Fangling prime office unit in the 3-5 million per transaction in emerging regions such as Po Caoyang commercial buildings, such as the Pudong area in Central 2-3 million left in the transaction price Right. Most holders of Grade A office developers are self-employed, individual buildings and other locations, such as Citibank, the quality of the property are occasional good deal, priced at 10 yuan / square meters, turnover is rare. To September 2010, for example, the Shanghai Transacted 17,900 second-hand sets, office Transacted only 600 sets, and more than 7 percent turnover of cases concentrated in the vicinity of the outer ring. In fact, commercial real estate has been the impact of control policies is not large, the largest positive correlation coefficients should be the overall economic trend. Give a very simple example, in 2008 the global financial turmoil, housing market Wait and see period, trading volume, from the house of a new high. In contrast the office market, occupancy rates, rental market continues to slide into the abyss, or even individual Grade A office rents cut the miserable image, from 15 yuan / day / square meter straight down To 7.5 yuan / day / square meter. Despite the high capital threshold, the investment cycle is long, in fact, commercial real estate really is a piece of real estate investment value of the current depression. And whether there will be rare in developed countries, such as Shanghai is now common "residential and commercial prices upside down ", And commercial property is relatively stable rate of return has indeed attracted a lot of power customer's attention. To the wealth in the 108 square Xinzhuang example, the opening day of the sale of 106 units, is currently able to sell 3-4 units a day, passenger Households are mainly from Jiangsu and Zhejiang and Fujian business owners. The surrounding commercial buildings, such as green blue ocean, the Chamber have a high occupancy rate of the current era.
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