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High and investment center of the entire record office Australia buy gold trans
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Learned Beijing this year, the largest commercial real estate market, a whole has recently completed acquisitions. Private funding agencies and investment have been high in the overall acquisition of the Golden Bridge, North Third Ring Madian Australian Centre office project. According to report, the high and investment and gold Australian Centre for project developers, MCC home in the Nov. 19 acquisition agreement was reached, the acquisition of part of the Australian Centre for the gold part of a total of over 60,000 square meters office space. The message has been Su Xin, chairman of the high and the investment was confirmed, but the Su Xin did not disclose to reporters the specific amount of the transaction. But contrast the history of similar projects around the sales price after the reporters found that the acquisition may be set up in 2010 Beijing Commercial The total price of real estate industry record of transactions. And gold Australian Centre adjacent Block B, North Central, had been in early 2009 once the whole sale, according to data released by developer Capital Land, the then average transaction price of about 2.3 yuan per square meter. If this price Cell as a reference, gold Australian Centre for the entire sale price of office premises will be around 1.4 billion. However, turnover in the industry that may far exceed that amount. Block B, North Central, turnover time for the beginning of 2009, at which time the real estate market is in a downturn, commercial real estate market is far less so now the economy Therefore, the transaction price of gold Australian Centre for the North Central Center may be much more than the level of 2.3 yuan. And such high transaction records may be commercial real estate transactions in 2010 the peak of Beijing. Prior to the commercial real estate projects in Beijing this year, the highest single transaction record set by the Vanke Group, in October, the company has just To the total price of 1.15 billion acquisition of Beijing Kerry Centre win. According to public information display, gold Australian Centre for Central and completed the development of home rule, in the North Third Ring Road and the northwest corner of the intersection of Beijing-Tibet Highway, the project total construction area of 140,000 square meters, including 50,000 square meters apartment , Office type properties of approximately 60,000 square meters and 2 million square meters of the main commercial.
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