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Chengdu office "write a" huge impact "B write" pressure
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"A write" huge impact, "writes B" pressure For the office market has been more concerned about the supply of the peak, CRC (commercial real estate investment adviser) one of the members of the League of CB Richard Ellis to do a more detailed analysis report, 2010, 2011, basically the same as the supply of approximately 90 million square meters in 2012 this figure will reach nearly 140 million square meters, of which the top office, the supply of Grade A office space will not be too large, about 15 million square meters respectively, the number up to about 110 million square meters of supply will is a Grade B, which is also the year when the peak supply, then supply will come down substantially. From the project number, the current top-of Chengdu, Grade A office space were 3, 14, 41 Grade B office buildings, but the Class B vacancy rate is not high, the lowest for the three offices 23.4%. Within the next two years, with the increase in supply, demand and rental offices in Chengdu a lot of pressure. Meanwhile, CRC Union Recently on the stage of market surveillance office found that the Chengdu office leasing market is still very active, due to the current on the A and B office space is not a strictly defined, so the wealth of appearing on the market center Oriental Plaza, Fung Tak, business Ding International, the World Trade Center, Sichuan International Building, Zenec International and other offices, both Class A or Class B office space, leasing them is still very good, basically reached the full rent. The reason this is not the office supply before the peak, with "a written" more obvious advantage of the rent. CRC Union experts pointed out that with the next, after two years of office development in the focus on appearance, Grade B pressure is normal, with the market development of the law. Or the old saying goes, whether A, B office buildings, as long as a good grasp of product characteristics within the region and do market research, that meet their needs will find targeted customers. Popular week City Square in the Air The project is located outside the Tianfu South Metro Ring, close to Hi-tech Zone, from the high-tech subway station only 5 minutes walk. South of the first LEED-certified core of the international eco-Grade A office space, the use of hollow LOW-E glass curtain wall, insulation, noise, ecology, energy, radiation, high-end corporate office to meet the business image, so that a more comfortable office environment. Fortune 123 reminder Aviation City Plaza construction area of nearly 8 million square meters, 22 floors of pure Grade A office space in the sale, the type area 400-2000 square meters, the average price of 12,000 yuan / square meter. East Hope Center East Hope Group portrait of high-end office building, a project located in the center of Chengdu, the Chief Financial dual-core location - High-tech District People's Road South Extension, New City, West door. The total construction area of 260,000 square meters, is currently under construction, a Class 5A 100-meter high office building. Fortune 123 reminder East Hope Centre currently under construction, is expected by the end of the opening, pre-consultation, the availability of an area of 130-2000 square meters.
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