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Loan of 12 banks real-estate grows 11.34% on average
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Had come on stage each appear on the market outstanding achievement of the newspaper in the bank mostly better, but this does not mean bank financing nonexistent manage " mine field " . As a result of what real estate is faced with first half of the year this year the risk is being increased, real-estate loan dimensions grows with the average rate of 11.34% , but bad loan leads estate however " turn around downward " .

The analyst says, fraction defective of bank of second half of the year or will soar.

The bank that start line of business is become " bank of the first real estate "

Be opposite yesterday according to our newspaper already announced 2008 in 12 banks of the newspaper (in go and make an exception) the discovery after having data statistic, the annulus of loan remaining sum to real estate grows most bank more quickly than all coming true, add panel height the most quickly to amount to among them 48% ; And the bank that start line of business is occupied with the real-estate loan of 14.29% than head the list, those who become be worthy of " the first landed bank " .

Nanjing bank criterion in order to increase rate the fastest and be elected " most can the bank of provide timely help " , should rank the first than amplitude with the annulus of 47.83% all right, industrial and commercial bank although only annulus comparing grows 10.7% , but its borrow money with 338.7 billion yuan estate amount, 34.7 billion yuan growth, two are obtained on dimensions the first.

But also be not all banks to value real estate, the bank that enrol business, Beijing bank and peaceful wave bank appear quite cautious on the operation, implementation annulus is compared - 0.2% , - 5.8% and - the growth of 5.88% .

Fraction defective falls the expert looks not to understand

Real estate faces a risk bigger, but dimensions of bank real-estate loan increases, its are undesirable loan rate falls instead, the sea connects Fan Kunxiang of analyst of negotiable securities banking to express, this lets a person look not to understand. Mortgage loan respect in bank house property for instance, the media before this reports Shenzhen appears mortgage house property to break for tide, say deep development bank is bad normally loan rate should rise, but this newspaper in travel shows its state is very good, let a person understand hard.

Although each appear on the market greatly,the risk that the bank all represents to had increased estate to borrow money manages, but if the bank still continues to increase real-estate loan scope, criterion its risk can increase for certain. Half an year or after a year, bad loan rate should meet the bank rise.

Wang Yifeng of analyst of banking of day photograph investment express in order to start routine of trade silver-colored act, loan of this exceed the time limit rebounds apparent, remaining sum of exceed the time limit makes an appointment with 5.846 billion yuan, annulus comparing grows 36% . Loan of exceed the time limit is the feature of go ahead of the rest that bad loan leads, the metabolic trend of bad loan makes second half of the year the person is anxious.
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