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Jiangsu commodity house " two books " next month " suddenly turn hostile "
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Have continue to use from 1998 house of Jiangsu province commodity " residential operation instruction handbook " and " residential guarantee of quality " will rise on October 1 formal " suddenly turn hostile " . The reporter builds sectional know from Jiangsu province, new edition " two books " added the content such as social estate of property of energy-saving, residence not only, guarantee limits also increased 13 by 6 original. Compare with old edition photograph, new edition " two books " reflected 3 big change.

Increase 7 to guarantee content

New edition " residential guarantee of quality " will protect content 6 times to refine character so, enriched 13, energy-saving, intelligence is changed, decorate a project to wait in last few years new occurrence residential system, all had those who unite to guarantee regulation. Decorate a project to protect two years character among them; Intelligence changes a system to need to protect a year, if because of product or construction quality problem occurrence guard against theft is reached,be out of order to saying a system, build an unit to answer free undertakes maintaining; And outside what place of basis of system of the heat preservation outside the wall uses data is different, guarantee the reasonable use fixed number of year that deadline is this project, if during this the system loses heat preservation function, influence to use safety to wait, build an unit to answer free undertakes maintain and must be satisfactioned concerned standard and standard. In addition, add newly guarantee the clause still includes wholesome clean to provide, door window becomes warped crack, all guarantee one year, add sent lamps and lanterns along with the building (do not contain bulb) , electric equipment and switch guarantee 6 months.

Energy-saving form is written into the manual

New edition " residential operation instruction handbook " the content that added energy-saving form newly, specific heat preservation of heat preservation of the wall outside including, ground of built on stilts, roofing, outside the window is mixed a door 5 kinds, wall heat preservation is outside be being returned from heat preservation is outside heat preservation, the sunshade form of the window is outside what kind of, pane is hollow still be monolayer, it is clear to will be written, can regard owner as the basis that thought will for the time being henceforth. Additional as we have learned, basis " energy-saving law " regulation, estate development company makes work to place project of the energy-saving measure of the building, heat preservation guarantees period wait for information to make false conduct propaganda, by construction director branch is instructed correct, can be in 50 thousand above 200 thousand the following amerce.

New technology no longer " have a blurred vision "

Land source heats up pump, solar energy, residential new technology emerges in endlessly nowadays, all sorts of " high-tech " the residence, energy-saving residence is increasing also, what high-tech to use after all? Since October, development business must be in " manual " in one by one bright show, consumer no longer " have a blurred vision " .
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