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City of the stock market, room drops continuously the Central Bank will take str
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The stock market and room city are double drop money letting heat begins to turn around, the RMB goes low to the abidance of the dollar more caused the outside to guess to heating up what money collective pours out of. To this, su Ning of Central Bank assistant president expresses external, do not eliminate future to may appear concentration is poured out of and pound economic risk, the Central Bank will continue to deepen exchange control to reform, be strengthened further and improve cross condition fund drifting management, severity hits flow of capital of illegal foreign currency, be on guard effectively the concussion that capital flows.

Nevertheless, the personage inside course of study thinks generally, as a result of the severity of capital control system of China, it is very difficult that hot money undertakes be effluented large-scaly from individual and foreign trade channel, international hot money is short-term inside appear the possibility of massive financing flee to other place is not large.

Set exchange rate department newly to take strict precautions against heat money

Discover not hard, of Su Ning of Central Bank assistant president making known one's position is right the outside releases a kind of signal: Superintendency branch already paid close attention to international to heat up the act of money highly, prevent hot money " enter big greatly " the new duty that already became the Central Bank. The personage inside course of study points out, this shows superintendency layer may be in future publishs more stringent follow-up superintendency policy inside period of time. For this, the Central Bank set exchange rate department newly designedly, assign policy of executive exchange rate in the round.

The concern of the Central Bank is not to do not have a truth. The reporter asks know with all possible means, economy of Europe, Japan because second borrow after be immersed in the crisis, at the Chinese capital market in swaying in the midst of a raging storm more " one disaster after another " , of many Chinese-foreign joint ventures foreign the money that partner begins to ask equity shares out bonus by the RMB new instead dollar, and be in folk, a few citizens also begin to trade the RMB of at hand the dollar afresh.

"If this kind of phenomenon happens continuously, the rate that hot Qian Liu gives will be accelerated " department of Zhongshan university finance teachs Huang Wei to point out, "This will bring huge challenge to superintendency branch, hot after all Qian Liu gives formal diversification to let people's air defense be prevented deeply. Cite a case, the country can trade through staring at your writing closely and stare at for some time centrally small trading means will be on guard hot money is poured out of suddenly, but if the enterprise passes price of make a false report to come ' cooperate ' foreign capital, the government will be superintended very hard. "

Short-term won't large-scale pour out of
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