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Urgent " be restricted to borrow " can Central Bank silver-colored inspect prote
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A few days ago, the Central Bank and silver-colored inspect can allot jointly " the announcement that accelerates managing intensive to use the land about finance " , ask credit of strict commerciality estate manages each finance orgnaization. The expert was being accepted yesterday " daily economy news " when interviewing, think, central Bank silver-colored inspect can publish this policy, it is the government decreases in estate loss, the urgent adjusting control of avoid bank risk.

Avoid risk urgent adjusting control

Chen Cheng was being accepted yesterday when interviewing, say, at present estate credit market appears a few flaw and problem, policy publishs the urgent adjusting control that is credit of house property of big to each commercial bank.

" announcement " requirement, credit of strict commerciality estate manages, financial orgnaization prohibits developing an enterprise to extend to be used technically at capture to make the loan of money paid for something purchased or received for something sold of land sell one's own things to estate. Chen Cheng says, formulary bank cannot finance buys the land, because the bank participates in room look forward to to buy the land,be, added a bank implicative risk, the Central Bank and silver-colored inspect can publish this policy is avoid risk.

In addition, strict country collective builds this policy to manage with ground project loan. Collective to using a country land develops commerciality estate, must not send the loan that puts any forms; The town dweller of housing is built on collective to buying a country land, must not extend housing borrows money.

To this, chen Cheng thinks, counterpoise to miscarriage now room, still do not have complete final conclusion, overheat of room of small property right, credit of commercial bank of each district country is overmuch, can increase the risk of the bank, the Central Bank and silver-colored inspect can publish this one regulation is not to let develop business to get benefit; In the meantime, also be risk of credit of commercial bank of country of avoid each district.

And " announcement " emphasize, managing intensive uses ground project preferential give finance supports. Chen Cheng thinks, this is the Central Bank and silver-colored inspect can carry out center policy of macroscopical adjusting control, protect hold to retain pressure.

Protective bank sacrifices estate

The bank that enrol business considers to develop a center to study trustee king fines jade expressed yesterday, of this announcement come on stage, explain the government is asking bank systole room borrows fund, will tell affirmation to estate market is bad news.

Wang Qiong says, eye anteroom price lies breakneck condition, governmental systole capital is be forced to do. House price drops is occurrence problem of whole society supply, the government can do now can be to reduce a loss only, protect a bank.
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