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The building that rent is not registered put on record will suffer punishment ac
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Announced yesterday " house of the town that do not have stannum rents administrative measure " specific requirement, rose on October 1, the building that rent was not dealt with register put on record of formalities, by the building the administration that rent is in charge of a branch to instruct deadline to deal with; Exceed the time limit still did not deal with, the building rents administration to be in charge of a branch, can rent party to the residence, place with 200 yuan of above 500 yuan of the following amerce.

As we have learned, in recent years, as the ceaseless grow in quantity of mouth of the bearer outside having stannum, hire a room to trade amount year after year rises, stannic city a few bigger intermediary companies, rent a house every year clinch a deal quantity, already mixed secondhand house business is equal. Suitable gallop intermediary clerk Xiaokuai introduces, secondhand now the business of house business is bad, each intermediary company takes a building seriously to rent more. This year 1-7 month, suitable gallop the business renting a house that intermediary clinchs a deal has many 1400. Rent before having stannum two years with respect to requirement building should register put on record, but because relevant section requirement is very not strict, the client of active inquiry 5% also be less than.

The reporter is in charge of manage of inspect of bureau property right to be in understanding to arrive from town house, begin to start a building to rent from January 2006 without stannum register on the net put on record, in area, street established accept a point, practical effect is not ideal. This year 1-7 month, register on the urban building net that rent put on record nearly 3000, it is the blame residence such as commerce, office, workshop for the most part among them, this still stipulates because of door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry the building that rent is engaged in production managing, be in explain when receiving business patent, should offer a building to rent register put on record proof. And rent the intermediary company that give priority to and photograph with the residence equivalent building of private proper motion is rented, although clinch a deal every year,the volume does not fall 10 thousand, register those who put on record is very few however.

Bureau of town house canal expresses about the personage, vast amount of face of the market of the building that do not have stannum that rent is large, clinch a deal under the counter general, bring very great difficulty to social government, cause revenue prediction of a person's luck in a given year, living circumstance of ab extra population also cannot master. " house of the town that do not have stannum rents administrative measure " come on stage, will be in charge of from the room, Wu of population, public security, duty, industrial and commercial wait for a branch to form resultant force, consolidate management. To produce the effect of building intermediary company better. " method " return a regulation, through the building orgnaization of the intermediary that rent builds a building to hire a concern, the building rents intermediary orgnaization, ought to written inform a building to rent party, collective conduction building is rented register put on record formalities, not written inform, undertake not in time putting on record and refus does not correct, the building rents administration to be in charge of a branch, can be in to orgnaization of the building intermediary that rent in order to fine.
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