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New insurance law unscrambles inside course of study: Joyous crouchs head of
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● investment widens: Safe capital can invest praedial

● makes clear contract time limit: Policy-holder raises a requirement, agree via keeping a person, the contract holds water

● contract is full 2 years, insurance company is not informed so that did not fulfill with policy-holder obligation removes contract

● refines manage compensate time limit: 30 check and ratify is made inside the day

The 4th times the conference is opposite standing committee of National People's Congress of 11 whole nations yesterday include " insurance law edits draft " the much ministry draft that waits inside undertook deliberative. Among them a serious content widened namely of insurance fund use channel, formulary insurance fund is OK invest in is praedial.

From jural the investment action that confirms insurance company is regarded as good news of one big profit. University of central finance and economics is sure to fasten director Hao to perform Professor Su to express, someone says this is " save estate " lift, but this as good as at " incredible story " ; This action is to give insurance fund nevertheless " v/arc a person's status " , need not make a fuss of.

Strengthen insurant the interest is protected

Set photograph comparing with clause of active insurance law, edit the time limit that draft made clear insurance contract to hold water: "Policy-holder puts forward to be sure to ask, classics underwriter agrees with accept insurance, insurance contract holds water. " in addition, insurance law edits draft also increases a provision: "The insurance contract that establishs lawfully, from the become effective when holding water. Policy-holder and underwriter can are opposite the effectiveness agreement of insurance contract adds a condition to perhaps add time. "

In the meantime, draft draws lessons from international convention, added " cannot contradictory clause " , stipulate insurance contract holds water namely full after 2 years, insurance company does not inform obligation so that did not fulfill with this policy-holder again to remove according to the facts contract.

Reflect concentration in the light of consumer " cast it is difficult to protect easy manage compensate " phenomenon, insurance law edits in this in, draft will " what written announcement lacks data of claim for compensation " " check and ratify is made inside 30 days " " reason of the specification when rejecting claims " wait for service acceptance to write legal article clearly.

With belongings insurance differs, person exists in insurance contract " beneficiary beneficiary " this one main body, manage compensate produces controversy more easily. Edit draft expresses, carry out tortious beneficiary beneficiary to lose be benefited authority, but insurance company does not absolve liability to pay compensation accordingly, the interest of insurant still is protected. In addition, edit draft is clear still " death of illative beneficiary beneficiary is prevenient, insurant death is in hind " , its legislation intention also is to emphasize particularly on protective insurant interest.
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