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Difficulty door passes first housing qualificatory examine and verify
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Enlarge face " the stannic city housing after guarantees a system, receive first safeguard boy or girl friend. 24 days, chong An, south pond of long, north, bank 4 the city zone apply for the lake more than 100 times the family of difficulty of low income housing that housing ensures, passed town house to be in charge of the qualificatory examine and verify of the bureau, list is about to undertake in media fair show. City housing ensures central controller to say, wait for 7 the ruler of heaven to show period end, fair show consentient person will receive " housing guarantees advice note " , obtain housing formally to ensure a qualification. Next, families of these difficulty of low income housing will obtain cheap to hire housing objective to deserve to hire respectively, rent subsidy, buy economy the housing of 3 kinds of forms ensures applicable housing. Among them cheap hires housing objective to deserve to hire and buy economy applicable housing needs to queue up annulus await.

At the beginning of this year April, the our city publishs those who accelerate housing to ensure a system to build a series of act, enlarge safeguard to cover range further, reduce housing to ensure admittance doorsill. According to the our city the standard 2008, "Low protect without the room " the family can apply for cheap to hire housing objective to deserve to hire; Income of month of domestic average per capita under 750 yuan, area of housing of average per capita the family under 16 square metre, can apply for rent subsidy; Income of month of domestic average per capita under 1000 yuan, area of housing of average per capita the family under 16 square metre, can apply for to buy economy applicable housing. According to city housing safeguard center controller introduces, since policy of make a fresh start is promulgated and beginning to accept housing to ensure application, each area housing ensures the office to already recieved more than 2000 person that seek advice, accept more than 400 application in all.

To let family of difficulty of low income housing at an early date " how to reside " , ensure fair, just, open, branch of safeguard of two class housing overcomes city, area little, time tightens hand, workload is big wait for a lot of difficulty, work overtime conduction masses application. According to introducing, each apply for the family that housing ensures, relevant section should send a person to come to examine, investigate on the spot to community, master first-hand circumstance. Housing ensured a branch to still build flow of close, transparent qualificatory examine and verify: The housing that is in an area by applicant registered permanent residence above all ensures the office to wait to situation of its income, housing undertake be investigatinged on the spot. After first trial is eligible, in applicant place community has first time fair show. Fair show consentient, report city housing to ensure sectional examine and verify. After examine and verify is passed, repass media to whole town fair show. Pass examine and verify 2 times, 2 fair show, ability obtains housing finally ensure a qualification. In accept application while, center of city housing safeguard builds economy through concentration applicable room, from secondhand a variety of methods such as the room source that room market buys a part to accord with a condition, accelerate raise money the room source that is used at housing safeguard. Concerned controller discloses, at present partial room source has reached the designated position, first difficult family that acquires housing safeguard, hopeful is in the near future is round " An Jumeng " . In addition, the job that accepts housing to ensure application also is adding speed to go, follow-up safeguard object list will undertake group by group fair show. According to municipal government program, family of difficulty of housing of many 30 thousand low income of whole town, will come true inside 3 years " should protect protect " .
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