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Time of development of house of commodity of the city that do not have stannum i
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Benefit of land of bureau of land of the city that do not have stannum is in chief to express with management, begin to carry out since July 1 " state-owned construction uses contract of ground access sell one's own things " demonstrative text, it is a country the another significant move in land market control and estate market adjusting control.

Basis demonstrative text, supply speed effectively to accelerate land, form building supply market as soon as possible, want to fill in clearly in contract of land sell one's own things the start working time that builds a project, complete time. Those who belong to commodity house project, time of in principle development is the longest must not exceed 3 years. Alienee cannot on schedule start working, should shift to an earlier date 30 days to put forward to delay to person of sell one's own things propose application, person of classics sell one's own things agrees with those who build to delay, time of its project complete must be delayed accordingly, dan Yanjian deadline must not exceed a year. If land alienee fails to agree by the contract period opens complete, must pay penalty due to breach of contract by certain proportion. The personage inside course of study says, provision of this one contract will be farther normative land market, let those who develop business take the land more careful, avoided to develop business to take the land blindly, cover the ground, production person is the likelihood of price of house of nervous drive up.

As we have learned, the country is early set before 2 years new examine and approve, in the commodity housing gross area of new go into operation, set model floor area 90 square metre are the following housing (contain economy applicable housing) area place holds proportion, must achieve 70% above, but this one proportion is total to the year of a city plan, not be in single item according to this one proportion, there also is not specific requirement to this when land sell one's own things before. Concerned personage expresses, settle the relevant provision of problem of the people's livelihood to fulfil the State Council of the Party Central Committee, contract of new land sell one's own things is built to residential project in, ancestor inside ground limits, residential construction total a cycle of songs in a traditional opera, set model floor area 90 square metre are the following housing a cycle of songs in a traditional opera, set model housing area occupies floor area under 90 square metre applicable housing, cheap hires the economy that the scale of development construction gross area, form a complete set builds a ground the demand that the government such as housing ensures sexual housing, undertook making clear conventional. After new treaty wording is carried out, relevant clausal requirement sends the announcement of sell one's own things that hang in land action in, be about to try to make clear beforehand, estimate the announcement of land sell one's own things August, can be new face.
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