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Capture puts worker housing accumulation fund base increases lunar capture to pu
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Report from our correspondent (Gao Jingjing of reporter Dai Lin's trainee) the lunar pay that without stannic urban district accumulation fund of housing of 2008 year worker reachs allowance of new worker housing puts cardinal number, ceiling will be adjusted from 7600 original yuan it is 8300 yuan, new capture puts a standard to begin to carry out from July 1, river shade city, appropriate promotes city to consult carry out. The reporter learned this from management center of accumulation fund of housing of the city that do not have stannum yesterday. According to introducing, after be being adjusted this, the capture of accumulation fund puts scale changeless, capture puts accumulation fund of housing of mechanism, institution scale, still be unit and worker individual each 10% , company unit (contain what turn management by the enterprise to close to pay an institution oneself oneself) capture puts housing accumulation fund scale unit and worker individual still decide inside 8%-12% extent (the capture of unit and individual puts scale must identical) . The worker that has a job after November 30, 1998, mechanism, institution must press housing accumulation fund 15% what capture puts cardinal number, for allowance of housing of worker of its capture take in the fresh-take in new Party members, enterprise (contain what turn management by the enterprise to close to pay an institution oneself oneself) for its inside the extent of 13%-18% capture puts allowance of new worker housing. Capture puts the housing accumulation fund of the worker of the minimum wage that get base, press on the minimum wage level that branch of year labor safeguard announces is certain. It is with mechanism institution worker exemple, if capture puts base to reach ceiling 8300 yuan, according to unit, individual each capture of 10% puts scale to calculate, every highest specified number that lunar capture puts accumulation fund has the worker 1660 yuan.

The personage expresses related management center of city housing accumulation fund, since today, the bank that each capture puts an unit to be able to put accumulation fund to respective capture is gotten " announcement " , good capture was done to put tone full employment of the forehead before the bottom in September, the housing accumulation fund that adjusts part of little that month capture and allowance of new worker housing come since July oneself, after the unit is adjusting capture to put cardinal number, make one-time filling pay. After September, accumulation fund management center will undertake checking, to the unit that be adjusted not in time or does not adjust by the standard, will undertake investigating by the regulation.

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