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Jiangsu publishs cheap to hire a room to ensure schedule
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The reporter built hall understanding from Jiangsu province recently, up to by this year June, what save accumulative total to have difficulty of more than 45 thousand housing completely is low protect door live with family of especially tired worker went up cheap rents a house. Rent a house to more need cheap " with filling layer " , construction branch released the schedule that solve.

Jiangsu province builds hall to say about chief, statistic shows, visit county above town completely " with filling layer " in, have about low preserve a family 180 thousand, among them, area of housing of average per capita the housing difficulty family under 15 square metre is close 60 thousand, among this, the family that do not have a room has 15 thousand or so, nearly 20 thousand under 10 square metre, 10 square metre - of 15 square metre have 25 thousand. In addition, complete province has family of difficulty of 1.7 million low income about, among them area of housing of average per capita nearly 300 thousand under 15 square metre, include nearly 60 thousand families that do not have a room. Schedule shows, to low protect door, by 2008, resolve floor area of average per capita 15 square metre and the housing problem of the person that the following, application cheap hires chummage rent subsidy; By 2009, solve application objective to compound the does not have room door housing problem that hire; By 2010, all housing that solve application objective to deserve to hire the living problem of difficulty door.

To low income family, by 2008, the low income that solves application cheap to hire chummage rent subsidy does not have the housing problem of room door; By 2009, resolve area of housing of average per capita the following, low income that application cheap hires housing to rent allowance does not have 8 square metre the housing problem of room door; By 2010, the low income housing that solves all application cheap to hire chummage rent subsidy the housing problem of difficulty door; The low income housing that accord with a condition and offers application door, can buy get, comfortable room of the classics since lease.

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