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The Central Bank first two rate " reduces " signal action is more than practical
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Since September 16, 2008, the Central Bank reduces a year period RMB loan is standard interest rate 0.27 percent, loan of other time class is standard interest rate according to short-term the principle that moves less much air, for a long time is made adjust accordingly; Deposit is fiducial interest rate keeps changeless. In the meantime, since 25 days, in reducing, reserve of small bank deposit leads a percent. For the real estate that suffers to getting adjusting control fully, its signal indicates a meaning, want ambitious at practical effect.

"Double rate " reduce, the actual profit that landed course of study can get, can divide roughly it is a few: Be loan interest reduce, can reduce the loan cost that expands business directly. Landed course of study is capital concentrated model industry, of capital be on the move rate is rapidder, a few in Xiaolou dish, general 2 can develop to 3 years end, and this second lower interest 3 years the amplitude modulation below the loan interest rate inside should be more than 3 years of above, the cost of the short term loan in can be being reduced directly.

2 be in be opposite, reserve of small bank deposit leads reduce, can increase several banks loan newly. Although basically be aimed at medium and small businesses, but to relatively high grade landed enterprise, dividing a cup of a thick soup also is extremely possible.

3 it is loan interest is reduced, can reduce the person that already bought a house directly mortgage a month to offer a fund, conduce to carry brace up wait-and-see person the confidence that buy a house.

Nevertheless, should see, this second double rate is reduced, be add 8 times since 2003 in experience cease and go up 19 times when after deposit reserve is led, tone undertakes " fine tuning " , the range that lower interest is not quite big, of the loan cost to developing business decrease very subtle, it is more to buying what room month offers a fund to decrease calculate with 10 digit, consistent pen 500 thousand yuan 5 years period the month is offerred, reduced about 49 yuan only, can ignor basically. And deposit reserve leads reduce, do not involve 4 big state-owned banks and join travel, postal savings bank, their loan measures the majority that held the market, in the loan specified number that small bank increases newly is spent very finite. Accordingly, industry is more will " double rate " reduce, unscramble for financial policy from from arrive closely to be indicated from loose signal, now is the first pace only.

No less than is added in inflationary period breath, on what tone deposit reserve leads is concentrated undertake, double rate reduces the likelihood that means relevant section to begin to approbate economy to have slow down, adopt measurable and loose monetary policy so, be helpful for spurring economic development. Add in economy fast reduce, appear likely even connect the circumstance that shrink to fall, estate market also hard one branch alone beautiful, the estate that tastes as investment will be market place to abandon further, the function that lives oneself more reveal. And the person that live oneself can susceptive market value, eventually should return real income to go up, of house price reduce a current short-term inside still change hard.
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