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Does without stannic building city the quantity cheapen litre " 2 flatlet policy
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"Buy house of the 2nd ring head pay to be not gotten under 40% , and the 2nd flatlet borrows money the frequency decides an unit to admit with the family. " of the Central Bank " 2 flatlet policy " a mighty uproar was raised in real-estate industry, country house boom index is successive 6 months glide, the whole nation 70 big in urban house price rises fall repeatedly 4 months, the city of a gleam of such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai depreciates depreciate, clinch a deal the atrophy that measures atrophy.

And in the 2-6 month after the Spring Festival passes, do not have the phenomenon that stannic building city appeared to make a person indissoluble, with photograph of the corresponding period was measured than clinching a deal last year drop somewhat, land sale is compared cold, building city appears weaker and weaker, but clinch a deal all valence is climbed ceaselessly however litre, monovalent house of commodity of 10 thousand yuan of above clinchs a deal what the quantity holds proportion taller and taller... so when lie between half an year, this " 2 flatlet policy " where be after all to having market of stannic city estate to affect? Does this influence have how old?

The viewpoint of Central Plains is: From supply in light of, "2 flatlet " policy on one hand the capital catenary of test development business, guide development business reason to develop on one hand additionally, make development business resembles taking the land wildly in that way 2007 no longer; And in light of the angle from demand, "2 flatlet " policy basically beats a seize a chance to seek private gain, the rigid requirement of the improvement demand that buy a house and low end is carried in the share was being controlled on certain level, but the influence of top class to having stannum market however too won't big.

"2 flatlet policy " restrain medium, low end the market

"2 flatlet policy " after coming on stage, city of the building that do not have stannum appeared the quantity cheapens the situation that rise, from each prices paragraph clinch a deal in light of the quantity, clinch a deal the mainest assemble is in quantity atrophy medium, low end class property, from 2008 2-6 month and photograph of the corresponding period was compared 2007, we can see unit price is in 8000 yuan of the following commodity houses clinch a deal measure a large number of shrink, among them the price paragraph clinch a deal below in 3000 yuan of square metre quantity shrink particularly serious. 2008 2-6 month, monovalent 3000 yuan clinch a deal below the quantity is 10562.9 square metre, 20378.1 square metre, 11869.94 square metre, 9408.6 square metre, 11188.56 square metre respectively, dropped than parting 2007 231% , 150% , 487% , 275% , 307% .

From the point of the angle of client demand, central Plains thinks, truly urgent need is afraid from the common people some that live the paragraph does not take out even two become rooms, still do not calculate agree duty, communal maintenance gold, decorate etc, in low income person still hope the room is promoted sigh, flat the economy that awaiting a government is applicable room.
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