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A few court does adjusting control of second half of the year have? Forecast the
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Prices of 2 quarters whole nation rises speed is accelerated, CPI soared June to 4.4% . May, the whole nation 70 big in urban house sale price rises compared to the same period 6.4% , go up than going up the month is 1 tall percent, achieve since December 2005 new tall. Next macroscopical adjusting control should prevent economy effectively to grow by slant fast turn to overheat. The 3rd quarter does not eliminate influential older policy comes on stage.

Perhaps say the new policy that second half of the year publishs likely to the 3rd quarter, make following forecasting roughly:

The first, monetary policy will still slant close, development credit continues constrictive, add interest sign to cannot be avoided, increase deposit reserve rate and issue Central Bank bill to still can continue, and duty of interest of deposit of very possible derate.

The 2nd, taxation policy will still control investment and congenial demand mainly, do not eliminate to press 20% collect strictly secondhand the room trades a possibility that moves duty, in the light of large family model retain duty undertakes sex character closes trying likely.

The 3rd, land policy continues severity is changed, will increase investigate strength, its means still is given priority to with central superintend place, local government also can rectify behavior of store up ground, press development business accelerates start working plan.

The 4th, swarm into continuously to foreign capital, publish more stringent policy likely still, restrict the individual outside the condition to buy a house not only, and the property that restricts the orgnaization is whole possibly still to buy maturity, the development travel of high-grade to investment estate imposes restriction to father likely (previously although have relevant regulation, how didn't actually fulfil) .

The 5th, to policy sex residence, shanghai government can publish new move likely, for instance price fixing room is started likely afresh (2005 " two 10 million project " medium in residence of low general goods is this kind of property, but fail to carry out later.

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