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To city of building of " of untie a person of " of the 2nd flatlet investment ad
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Gu Yunchang expresses, in at present this kind of circumstance falls, "The policy of two flatlet should consider " . He says, to 2 flatlet policy, it is OK to should restore normality only, give the policy of the 2nd flatlet not intentionally. The reason depends on what 2 flatlet policy may give people expecting the impact with be brought certain with whole market.

Reside Ding Zuyu of academy assistant dean easily to analyse, market of the Shanghai after June appears to glide apparently, clinch a deal measure annulus comparing to reduce 20% above, glide compared to the same period 60% above, below this kind of trend, whole clinchs a deal this year measure probable short of 10 million smooth rice. Since 2001, shanghai residence clinchs a deal the quantity is in on average 18 million to 20 million square metre, if drop annual 10 million square metre, can think great transition has appeared.

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