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10 thousand amount to a manager: Object saving town building city to just had be
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Experienced a few times after adjust and flourishing, dalian 10 thousand amount to Wang Jianlin of group Inc. president to realize, want better subsist, must want to have risk consciousness.

Wang Jianlin is judged, adjust period last two years at least, and tighten a day or will become the normal state henceforth. Wang Jianlin accepted the reporter's special report recently.

Reporter: Do you think to adjust period will last how long?

Wang Jianlin: I have a basic judgement, the adjustment that Chinese economy wants to have two 3 years period. If have policy not to do any adjustment, from last year second half of the year begins to calculate case, want to restore wedding day to may want 2010 first half of the year. If adopt measurable and loose policy now, second half of the year had met the likelihood 2009.

Reporter: How do you think to develop business to should answer this round to adjust?

Wang Jianlin: Development business cannot again with the state of mind of that round of macroscopical adjusting control came to ~ 2005 2004 answered, this adjusting control follows before any differ. What that round of adjusting control brings is sex of house price retaliation rise. Arrive from 2005 2007, like selling a house to resemble selling Chinese cabbage, that is not market normal behavior or conditions, affirmative meeting makes reprisals by the market. Bubble is met burst, this is the rule of the thing. Sell a house to be about to rely on sexual price to compare, rely on a brand, rely on sale, some enterprises built a house to also can not sell certainly go out, die possibly also.

Reporter: Appeal of a lot of companies helps city, you how look upon this problem?

Wang Jianlin: My dispute often objects helping city. How to save? The industry needs to adjust will eliminate one part company. Of this industry a lot of violate compasses act, normally the small company that calls one gun to trade a place is done. China has company of 30 thousand estate at present, adjusting 20 thousand is a more reasonable amount.

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