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Nearly 100 economist think: Eye anteroom price still lies exalted
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Although countrywide house price rises this year already successive 5 months drop, nevertheless, a newest investigation shows, economist of nearly 100 home thinks, eye anteroom price is in perch as before, what adjusting control branch should continue to hold to policy is successional. This investigation is to be in what boom of economy of China of national statistic bureau monitors a center to chair next undertaking.

Accompanying constrictive policy, building city is immersed in this year low fan. Statistic shows, this year June, the whole nation 70 big in urban house price rises compared to the same period 8.2% , go up lower than May a percent, achieved house price only month goes up since this year the biggest drop, this also was Feburary since house price rises the 5th month gives now to fall, among them price of house of Shenzhen and other places falls apparent.

Nevertheless, economist people think generally, current house price level as before on the high side. Among them, the economist of 52% thinks house price " taller " , 31% think " exorbitant " . In the economist that participates in investigation entirely, only 1% think house price " inferior " .

"Look from countrywide limits, price of most region house is in as before exalted and strong, what house price falls is extremely specific area only. " the courtyard of Chinese company division that participates in this investigation is owed develop Yuan Gang of director of area research center bright express. Nevertheless, yuan Gang bright think, although the market is at present wait-and-see atmosphere is serious, nevertheless the rigid demand of building city takes dominant place as before. Yuan Gang bright the view is provided quite representative, the economist of 65% thinks, at present building city demand still is given priority to with living.

Investigation still shows, the economist of 58% thinks, "Although catenary of estate company capital faces pressure, nevertheless the enterprise can be spent smoothly. " economist proposal, what adjusting control branch should continue to hold to policy is successional.

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