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Li Ao and Pan Shi Ge persuade his to turn to do research together all right to t
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The mainland is famous Shi Ge of land agent Pan two new books " the candy of childhood is the sweetest " , " I am searched with lifetime " publish in Taiwan, 18 days of publisher arrange he and Great Master Li Ao to be opposite in Taipei talk, when social status the businessman of billions of dollar encounters well-known writer, do they talk what?

Pan Shige: Like to be called most " take off deficient example "

Be in the mainland, media gives Pan Shige " seal date " numerous, for example " the estate leader that China has poetic temperament most " , " the most fashionable landed magnate " , " the career is successful but gentle and civilized " etc, but Pan Shige says, he likes media to weigh him most " the example taking off deficient of chinese mainland " .

The Pan Shige that is 45 years old already before listing mainland rich and powerful person 10, but in one's childhood because of poverty, once only a trousers wears a semester, also once " because never had eaten to rectify lump sugar, there is experience when taking candy for the first time, eat tracheal in hold back must empurple all over " .

Pan Shige says, my experience is knowledge is mixed open, anybody should develop to need this at 2 o'clock, be just like me, if not be the loess from Gansu Province,Gao Po goes, read go to school, still should be now over there cultivate land. "A country also is such, although experienced a lot of affliction, but Chinese society is in progress, no matter be economic progress, politics also is in more and more enlightened, still want to believe open force. "

And plum Ao Yecheng assist he is Deng Xiaoping advocate the appearance edition that issues deficient, "From complete China one of the poorest province come out one, gain present success, you are ' practice examines the truth ' example, the successful example of reforming and opening. "

Li Ao says, "1% my belongings is your odd, but you and Bill Gates are further than rising to also be differred, succeed and cannot use money more or less to measure, see the process that you grow however, your growing process lets us touch. "

Pan Shige views Taiwan society: Let a hundred flowers blossom

"I am to Taiwan mail-order the book compares much mainland person, once the book that mail-order passes all Li Ao, Bai Yang, Na Huaijin, can say Taiwan grows to mine have very magical power. "

Pan Shige says, seeing Taiwan simply through media is special not comprehensive, look from media before, taiwan political field always fights, still have a lot of negative stories. But the common people of Taiwan of true bring into contact with, feel they are particularly very honest, kind-hearted, especially we go toward Taiwan south, feel their eyes, mood and the ardor to us, special suffer inspire.

The stage was visited to wait for 72 hours first before a few months, come this the stage stays to still be less than 24 hours, pan Shige is already right Taiwan " let a hundred flowers blossom " social configuration is impressive. "Taiwan society has diversity, can give a Li Ao's master especially. " he expresses, historical misunderstanding let two sides and Hong Kong take different way, arrived of 21 centuries today, 3 places are drawn lessons from each other, the thing of study is quite a few, development of the management that includes a city, culture is waited a moment.
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