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Yi Xianrong: The RMB appreciates trend second half of the year is likely changeo
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"Below the circumstance this year, the extent that I believe to the RMB appreciates can put delay, perhaps appear a changeover. " on Yi Xianrong of researcher of institute of finance of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, doctor give breathtaking signal again Saturday.

Yi Xianrong is alive forum of economy of China money dispatch expresses afore-mentioned point of views.

Although at present mainstream viewpoint thinks consistently, in the trend that the RMB appreciates continuously will for a long time look won't change, dan Yixian look thinks however, future will tell won't be the RMB appreciates merely upgrade of only channel ground rises, and regular meeting occurrence RMB appreciates the space that one drops to perhaps have a flexibility.

"The essential point that the RMB appreciates should see the interest couple that follows whole country namely, if the RMB appreciates adverse to the development of whole economy, develop to whole medium and small businesses especially adverse when, so the extent that the RMB appreciates must fall. " look in Yi Xianrong, the RMB appreciates extent must maintain in 3% ― the speed of 5% , if the RMB appreciates,exceeded 10% , a series of the problem can appear.

Yi Xianrong expresses, because he thinks the changeover of the dollar can happen certainly this year,making afore-mentioned judgement is. "And will tell according to my computation, the dollar should be to underestimate now 20% the left and right sides, of the market fluctuate or the change of the market, can return to sooner or later. " in addition, yi Xianrong thinks, of the RMB appreciating is not to follow one basket exchange rate to appreciate at present, it is opposite dollar merely when appreciating, become appreciate. If once changed,say the base point that RMB exchange rate appreciates to the dollar, the dollar depreciated in the past abrupt appreciate, cause a RMB possibly also to appreciate the changeover of the trend.

Interesting is, the RMB performed unilateral to devalue to the dollar last week prices. Trade according to Chinese foreign currency central data, 5 trade in a few days last week, the RMB appreciates 1 day to dollar exchange rate, 4 days devalue, appeared on July 30 among them odd-numbered days devalues prices of 146 base point, drop so, in collect change 3 years not to see more.

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