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Pan Shige should tighten day appeal too managing acceptance does not cut down th
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Although start to talk to say markets of pair of Beijing office building are confident surely, but American finance storm and SOHO China first half of the year deficit 146 million, still let Pan Shige feel anxious. On September 18, pan Shige wrote to employee " the letter that sends SOHO China collectivity to work in the same place " .

In the letter, he besides won't cut down the member of persons employed to employee commitment besides, do not forget to emphasize a section making an appointment with. The office building market that still points out China has larger development space, so SOHO China still can have very good perspective.

Office market space very big

Although gigantic first half of the year deficient, but Pan Shige is in the letter however stop talking does not carry afore-mentioned SOHO China loss, wear however bring up again and before 8 months this year, pay taxes 1.395 billion yuan of RMBs, average the contribution of every SOHO employee in the pay taxes of before a few months this year is 2.1 million yuan. He thinks, obtain afore-mentioned result, the space of development of office building market with Beijing is vast about.

"In the past in 10 years of time, living condition won very big improvement, no matter be,go up from area or quality. But same individual, more or less was their office condition improved commonly (besides the company that pays attention to office character so except a few transnational corporation and SOHO China) , if Beijing lives,the living level of condition and developed country still has 50% , 60% or the word of the difference of 70% , so the difference of our office condition is 3 times, 4 times, the difference of 5 times. " look in Pan Shige, SOHO China is early go to strategic move in time before 3 years on office building and commercial real estate, it is a very right choice.

The appeal is managing acceptance does not cut down the member of persons employed

In the letter, pan Shige still expresses, no matter how the market changes, the national capital in SOHO won't be large-scale because of this cut down the member of persons employed. "The project of our building site, no matter outside how does the market fluctuate, we won't shutdown, because every building site has thousands of,the name comes from China the laborer of the most impoverished province. While we are creating wealth for society and city, help a society solve obtain employment problem even, especially the obtain employment of the most impoverished family, this is our responsibility; We also won't defer the execution of any contract, won't defer any brushstroke money more at the same time pay. "

Pan Shige announces at the same time, SOHO China wants to be made an appointment with in each link division, managing each minutes of money, save resource and office cost. Tourist class takes when he encourages employee to take a plane in home; Go to work can ran comes do not cycle, can cycle do not drive. For this, he expresses to want to be the first not only make, still ask branch of company rear service is ran going to work and sectional employee to offer bathhouse and shower.
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