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National hair changes appoint expert: Olympic Games and house price do not have
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"Hold a city to look from all previous Olympic Games, the associated sex of Olympic Games and room city is very god-given give common law, I feel to do not have inevitable connection. " national hair changes appoint Wang Yiming of assistant dean of macroscopical economy academy is yesterday on news briefing of routine of center of news of 2008 Beijing international express, since Shen Ao, the main critical factor that Chinese estate develops is Chinese city changes a process to be accelerated ceaselessly, and the reform of housing system, welfare separates the reform of house system.

A large number of population enter a town, formed exuberant to estate market demand, it is to play the city that use a room's mainest factor.

Change in what happened since second half of the year last year to room city, wang Yiming expresses, the sale that change basically is the market drops, the mood with wait-and-see market is more grumous. But estate invests amplitude as before very big, 1-7 month invests amplitude to exceed 30% this year. "This kind is adjusted, it is active that from estate market long-term development looks. In some sense, also be the bubble composition of extruding. "

"From which long-term trend looks, chinese estate market is overall and affirmative it is hopeful. " Wang Yiming thinks, because our country city is changed,lead the average level that returns short of whole world. Ten years the city turns predicting future rate is annual still can increase a percent, a large number of population still can enter a town.

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