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Lucky letter group is chief analyst: Building city depreciates considerably poss
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Tao Dong of presiding economy analyst was in area of Asia of lucky letter group yesterday Hong Kong expresses, outback estate business has appeared cash flows the crisis.

"Outback building city is reduced because of fund liquidity, appear thereby national adjustment, because this brings about a government to be changed somewhat to the adjusting control dialect of building city at present, by hit before pressure, become be on guard at present floor price falls defeat considerably, bring an influence to integral money market, consumption and society thereby. " Tao Dong expresses. At the same time he thinks, inland is short-term floor price appears to rebound considerably possibility is not large, main reason depends on the market is at present right housing purchasing power, and had lost to building town hope, if outback floor price drops considerably, will cause a bank bad loan grows considerably, affect the stability of outback bank system, cause big impact.

He says again, at present outback estate business already appeared cash flows the crisis, all basically increase land reserve in great quantities because of business of almost all last year development, but city of building of near future inland sells feeling exhausted weak, bank credit is tightened up, capital market also hard financing, make deficient of source of development business capital.

Tao Dong thinks, outback development business makes over the means of equity and land natural resources to resolve capital pressure crisis with depreciate or be being passed likely, but his estimation depreciates considerably possibility is inferior.

Be aimed at the economic data that just publishs additionally, contented winter comment says, round-the-world economy puts delay to add a RMB to appreciate to be able to affect export performance of China, add uptodate home stock market and building city to glide, can last consumption of be a burden on, your economy grows slow down. Predict growth meets economy of China of second half of the year put delay stage by stage this year, predict growth of GDP of the four seasons is met under 9.5% , annual is forecasted for 9.8% , attribute healthy level.

Tao Dong still expresses, the pace that the congress in predicting appreciates through rein in RMB and policy of drawback of new executive export will encourage export, undertake adjustment in credit policy respect at the same time, be on guard floor price drops influence economy and bank are bad the problem that loan rises. Whole looks, china still can be carried out from tight monetary policy.

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