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Comment: Is frying a building to should give aid to returning is blow?
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As a result of building city low fan, secondhand building city clinchs a deal the quantity is in all the time low confuse condition, those who have landed intermediary statistic clinch a deal in light of data, overall first half of the year 2008 clinch a deal the volume dropped compared to the same period 35% , at the same time secondhand first half of the year the residence clinchs a deal all valence also is in small callback, relatively last year fall after a rise of the corresponding period 6% . Market investment slow down in demand is clear, be in after all the market is small below confused condition, of 3 class market is frying a building this be give aid to or hit?

Reasonable blow profit at normative building city

As relevant policy carry out, the market grows current condition, can say policy had had due effect, the development impetus with non-standard estate alls gone, building city moves toward reason gradually, in addition also leak a such information to consumer -- the may not that fry a building can be become forever win the home. Professional personage represents all-round victory real estate, the spec fries the buy industry profit that the building hurt consumer on certain level. So spent blow estate spec fries a building, be helpful for the development of normative building city, especially the stability of floor price, make more consumer " the person that reside has its house " .

How does the world reside Xia Yufei of praedial general manager to think, the purpose that fries a building is to seek profit, the method is to adopt low buy the way that sells high, go up objectively the fluidity that strengthened the market, increased emulative with diaphaneity. If of 3 class market be on the move appeared problem, was to set heavy barrier, also be to go against economic abidance to stabilize harmonious development. The branch should simplify related summerly jade flying proposal 3 class market is on the move program, reduce tax negative, rise and improve attitude of attending to guests. Facilitate buy secondhand the self-identity buying the home of the room 3 class market.

The demand that fry a building differs

Add up to public figure of rich buy trade to point out, estate requirement classification includes to live oneself demand and investment demand. Stay in what demand includes the person that do not have a room to buy room demand and the requirement that the person that have a house improves living condition oneself; And investment demand includes investment and congenial requirement.

Macroscopical adjusting control of the government, the congenial atmosphere frying a building to city of building of keep within limits, be on guard bank room borrows financial venture, have openly effect, congenial action of city of building of keep within limits of can directer, more effective ground, and the adverse element that clears away health of block up market to develop further. On the other hand, spec of keep within limits fries floor action, also can go up in certain level slow and current the supply demand relations of building city insecurity, and the person that fry a building leaves below policy blow and the room source at hand corner puts carry out, also can add business on certain level dish the source is supplied, at present also the part fries the home in succession shipment, make the source of room of urgent carry out of bamboo shoot of a few price appears on the market, live oneself buy the home to might as well can add more advertent.
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