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Walk out of estate predicament to want to rely on a system: Cannot want to spend
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● industry crisis reveals administrative system flaw

● adopts policy measure to walk out of the market predicament

The plan that ● accelerates a system to perfect just is an effect a permanent cure

From 2007 the bottom arrives 2008 first half of the year, the whole nation each are big the city appeared the state that estate value and sale price quantity reduce together, it is with Beijing exemple, 2008 first half of the year with residence of the corresponding period clinched a deal 2007 price falls compared to the same period 10% , and clinch a deal the area dropped 45% , estate enters flat phase. Kind of opinion thinks, the government should loosen strength of grand mix policy, in order to avoid estate low confuse be a burden on whole economy grows. Concern of another kind of opinion criterion loosens strength of grand mix policy, can cause house price to rebound, aggravate inflation. The attention of public opinion bound centers in policy close put between, it seems that difficulty holds in what put measure at closing.

However the problem is not so simple. Review Asian banking crisis arrived 1997 today's global economy is stagnant, our country real estate faces the crisis the 2nd times. Shen Ao makes Chinese estate walks out of the shadow of Asian banking crisis successfully, since 2001, governmental estate is macroscopical adjusting control policy stops in case all the time estate bubble, prevent estate overheat to give priority to aim. From land " action pat hang " sell one's own things is built to what land lays in a system; Liquidate income and expenses of gold of land sell one's own things from land value added tax two lines; From 5 years inside secondhand the room appears on the market sum imposes business tax, to sell house property imposes a tax; From buy 2 housing head to pay raise interest rate rise to arrive raise deposit reserve to lead etc, the government was hit a series of " assorted fist " . Strength cannot call not quite, however, what house price restrains difficulty is big also be be obvious to all.

The reason that people tries to accuse hard from analytic house price seeks settlement way. Analytic viewpoint is OK and wraparound it is the following kinds: (1) land " action pat hang " policy is patted tall house price; (2) management city is pushed tall house price; (3) development business drives up house price; (4) adventurer is fried tall house price, especially Wen Zhou and Shanxi fry room group; (5) heats up Qian Liu to enter the house price of drive up; 6) lives oneself rigid demand is bought tall house price; (Luxury of 7) foreigner, foreigner consumes drive up house price; (8) media hype helps go to situation fool tall house price; (9) money is issued overmuch, also help the price that push a house; (10) tax cost is added tall house price. Unable to decide which is right of a lot of viewpoint, undeniable, these viewpoints are not an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors, not be fiction is mixed guess.
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