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"Recessive dumping " estate of the city that overflow a building " big shop sign
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Market environment changes, sale also changes subsequently. In building city the abidance of buyers and sellers confronts each other in, business of a few development had not sat -- in depreciate directly existence " risk " below the circumstance, more and more development business chose " recessive depreciate " .

Dark fall show

Although the integral house price since this year still was in major city last year compared to the same period,rise, but in nowadays building city experience is adjusted and off-season dual impact falls, without how many building dish can pay attention to one's own moral uplift without thought of others.

If clinching a deal,measure the Shanghai that month by month drops, add not less in carry out project push new dish, its price all under the anticipation with initial market. Research center of bless power estate trades to Shanghai estate according to its data monitoring discovery of the center, in last week far source of 29 2-4 building centers two bays city clinch a deal all valence is 13842 yuan of square metre, than this dishes first half of the year of 21049 yuan of square metre clinch a deal all price fell 7200 multivariate. And personage of know the inside story says, source of rooms of this batch of 29 low layers is to develop business to sell in-house stuff in order to unite the price. Still have, china city takes out big Hua Jinxiu this month of edge driveway 1, 2 buildings sales promotion, the 61 flatlet source that clinch a deal all valence 13551 yuan of square metre, among them room of 5 special offer has 12079 yuan of square metre only more, than its first half of the year of 17740 yuan of square metre all price fell 5600 multivariate.

Pudong near future of region of 3 forest zone exposes to the sun go out " big shop sign " between price war is your market attention more. 10 thousand divisions are aureate elegant build it is a name with decorating a standard to reduce first, will sell all valence reduces 2000 yuan, 18000 yuan of square metre from open quotation fall to 15000-17000 yuan square metre, hind every flatlet source falls again 100 thousand, be equivalent to hitting 9 fold. And the pressure of 10 thousand divisions is to be based on group high level on one hand " had made worst plan " manner, also come from directly on the other hand at circumjacent building dish competition. As board piece the quote of source of room of small high level that catchment of golden ground bay rolls out has 13000-15000 only yuan square metre, do a group to buy an activity with search room net again, cosignatory card offers room of search of ground borrowing gold discount of privilege of the person that buy a house, form from this two " big shop sign " in the dark stronger aspect.

The case of Beijing building city that local official represents publicly to house price did not fall also similar. The data shows, from this year the beginning of the year begins, beijing has many buildings dish different level land develops sales promotion activity, if buy a room to send a car, send room of travel, special offer to wait, now partial building dish all valence exceeds 30% according to saying to already dropped.
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