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Influence of Beijing Shanghai tall iron has geometry without stannic building ci
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On August 12, without stannum tall iron area controls a gender to plan to pass argumentation finally, xi Dongxin city plans limits to also get limitting first, decision-making layer is bold and fatidical at the same time: In Xi Dongxin city and construction too hopeful of lake new city is become without stannum two CBD on real significance. This interest good news, let a person from too the abidance of house property of lake new city suffers in bestowing favor on, a light that saw Dong Xincheng estate develops prospective stannum.

In the city that in abroad a lot of development mature, a new traffic site that has certain dimensions is enlightened, metropolis around move this site area appears in great quantities new property, accompanying population to be changed thick and fast at the same time, municipal form a complete set is perfect change wait for a process, old some property all has bigger appreciate, and the promotion of new property value is clearly more.

We think, undeniable fact is, the real estate to area of along the line has Beijing Shanghai tall iron to pull a movement to use certainly truly, but, because a few inaccuracy decide the effect of the element, this kind of action whether so crucial, can arise really " city border moves back and forth a group of things with common features " , have how much after all to the influence of city of stannic a tower over a city gate, remain at farther test and verify.

Guess one: "5 2 " city border life becomes reality

Railroad of Beijing Shanghai high speed stands to Shanghai rainbow bridge south Beijing oneself, full-length 1318 kilometers, 7 province city of perforative Beijing, Tianjin, Heibei, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, Shanghai, design speed per hour 350 kilometers, earlier operation speed per hour is 300 kilometers, the program carries ability to be one-way and annual 80 million person, the train is taken to need 5 hours only to Shanghai from Beijing after building. This changed the spatio-temporal intention of people greatly, it is to original lifestyle one kind overturns, the life between city and city, job goes there and back quickly will become common issue, "Work in Beijing, live without stannum " " 5 2 " city border life already also was a dream no longer. The tall iron fare that considers future cannot be too low, one-way fare makes an appointment with 600 yuan, a month is pressed all around calculate, return dicket price makes an appointment with nearly 5000 yuan, and this money lends cereal of house price peak difference to wanting, in the white-collar that buys a room to go to work in Beijing without stannum character thes loss outweights the gain, but experience to wealthy person " 5 2 " city time is recreational go vacationing the life is completely possible.

Guess 2: House property of area of city tall iron protects Xi Dongxin the value appreciates

"A sector of an area, a sector of an area, still be a sector of an area " , a lot of house property invest " old a title of respect for a Buddhist or Taoist priest " hep this. We think, inspect a sector of an area, the service function that should see residential seat namely is perfect, traffic is convenient, or whether can be this kind of state changed somewhat in future. Carry out a proof: The house that is located in main road devalues very hard, and its appreciate prospect can anticipate completely. Beijing Shanghai tall iron not only blended in circle of economy of Beijing ferry look forward to from circle of long triangle economy without stannum, and the good opportunity that offerred a reappearance to exhibit to city of the building that do not have stannum, special bring price of the town, house that check the bridge for area of tall iron core erupt bury next foreshadowing.
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