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10 thousand people buy room group: Song Qin sends の of Weng of ticket snipe
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Be in " 10 thousand people buy Shenzhen the room is round " sell a plan continuously soon border of bubble Shang Zhi, of fontal city Jinan " 10 thousand people buy room group " hit however " 5.1 fold " banner. On August 28 " legal evening paper " report, at the beginning of this month, some estate develops Shenzhen business and " 10 thousand people buy Shenzhen the room is round " initiator Zou Tao (also be in those days " do not buy a room 3 years to move " initiator) get in touch, express to be willing to undertake negotiation, issue the standard some building dish room of 600 much ring with selling kind continuously (the expenses of the cost intermediate such as economic sale, promotion, sale) sell the citizen that enlists housing group to buy. But a few days ago, zou Tao tells a reporter however, because did not reach final agreement in price respect and development business, sell a plan continuously probable bubble soup.

Shenzhen buys room bubble boiling water, build in Jinan situation. Different is, the initiator of Jinan is advisory company of a management, main operation is open medium of going from place to place, provide advertisement representative service. "We are paid, if succeed hind, want collection to seek advice from cost 200 yuan, basically use invite lawyer group to wait. " concerned personage expresses at the same time, as a result of the building dish place area and environment are different, so called 5.1 folding is not everybody can get, but his acceptance can ensure the price that buy a house is in 8.5 fold 9 fold between.

From at the beginning, "10 thousand people buy room group " it is swashbuckling only just, what earn good for nothing besides initiator is cheap besides eyeball, expend time and energy, results besides billow besides one ground chicken feather, participator won't have any actual results.

On one hand, so called 10 thousand people buy room group from come up at all saying is a catchword that causes air to shake only, do not have agreement of any substantial 10 thousand people already, initiator also dare not is opposite right 10 thousand people (actually is in the activity that buy a house 10 thousand) have any commitment that have legal effectiveness. Initiator hold the bag, won't the acceptance that somebody believes to he is without credit to ensure.

Accordingly it faces the problem of the 2nd respect necessarily: Any develops business sensibly, won't be opposite easily " 10 thousand people buy room group " initiator and organizer " show-through " , both sides won't sign any contracts that have legal effectiveness.

More what is more,the rather that, although have those who have legal effectiveness really " 10 thousand people buy room group " existence, also won't the development trader that gives 10 thousand residences in same time development almost exists. And even if same a sector of an area, same price, the Lou Pancheng of not contemporaneous development also is different originally, development business won't risk this danger.
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