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Core line be well versed in nods a face to all blossom without hopeful of stanni
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National Day eve, without stannum line of first fast core be about to be open to traffic, this to having stannic room city for, perhaps be nature of a root change bureau start. The limited company of Ke Errui IT of Shanghai of easy house China that the reporter covered the last few years to pay close attention to market condition of the estate that do not have stannum closely all the time to analyse at this point does not have stannum standing deputy total Jin Xiaobing and personage of sale of a few real estate, commerce, discussed the influence that core line be well versed in brings to city of the room that do not have stannum jointly.

Change bureau one: "Board piece effect " will be broken through stage by stage

"The room city progress that does not have stannum is very special. " Jin Xiaobing is generalized with this word without the estate market structure with original stannum. He says, just arrived a few years ago when doing estate market to analyse without stannum, what they develop at having stannum questioningly is additional kind: "Board piece effect " too apparent. General city is dot with downtown, half span grows rate from same area should be about the same, house price is natural also difference is not big. But without stannum different, divide downtown beyond, deflection of apparently centre of gravity is southwest. In the meantime, plan as a result of the key of each areas again, formed so bank lake board piece, Hui Shan board piece, board of new developed area piece, Dong Ting board piece wait to differentiate chronically means, board piece the price is poor all the time since it is course of study inside accepted, and inspect these carefully board piece the building inside dish, your meeting discovery is apart from downtown to be apart from far building dish however the case with high price is not rarely seen.

Appear such circumstance, the reason basically is area development disequilibrium, the development disequilibrium of traffic and form a complete set is most apparent. For instance bank lake area, the density of public transportation circuitry with road of edge bridge brook, bridge clear outspread path is ambitious go to at going the public transportation circuitry on road of the benefit hill highway with a mountainous area benefit, Xi Cheng. Prep let alone is large recreation of supermarket, hospital, meal, sports is recreational wait for more respect compared.

After core line be well versed in, what area develops is lopsided will be counteracted by dilute. Edge blueness falls south a surname road, the dweller of benefit hill north and south can come inside ten minutes bank the supermarket on lake abuttals, go cafeteria, dweller of new developed area also can traverse in the holiday golden city district runs quickly to next too lakefront. Traffic and development of form a complete set are rapidder board piece radiation other board piece, gradually board piece the attrib border close between, such trend can foreknow.
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