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2008 Forbes a list of names posted up: Optimal commerce city does not have stann
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"2008 Forbes chinese mainland a list of names posted up of optimal commerce city " release 2 days in Shanghai, hangzhou ranks the first the 5th year continuously, the Shanghai, cent that do not have stannum is listed the 2nd, the 3rd.

In the pop chart this year, before Nanjing, Ning Bo, Beijing, Fosan, Suzhou, Changzhou, Guangzhou also was entered 10.

According to sheet of this a list of names posted up Chen Lan of the person that make a list of names posted up introduces, this is " Forbes " Chinese edition is in the 5th times China release sheet of this a list of names posted up. Research target is chinese mainland 652 cities, right among them 194 cities that GDP exceeded 19 billion yuan 2006 have fundamental data collect and research.

Chen Lan says, through studying index of index of potential of index of dimensions of index of the index of labour force quality of each city, senior talented person, management cost index, market, market, passenger transport, freight the index is mixed the index data such as capital energy index, have integrated rank finally.

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