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Building intermediary cost unlocked both sides to negotiate price market in Sept
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Since September 1, commodity house is sale agent cost, secondhand room intermediary collects fees but both sides negotiates a price. Province prices bureau, province builds hall a few days ago dispatch undertakes making clear to this. Before this, these two charge are according to " do not clinch a deal more than the forehead 1.5% " the regulation carries out. After new rule is carried out, secondhand to the our city why is room Fair generation planted influence? 18 days, the reporter interviewed the personage inside course of study, citizen at this point, and prices, industrial and commercial wait for a branch, whether can be the new rule that cares in the light of many citizens formed rise in price at will situation, the issue such as baleful competition can launch between intermediary company, each opinions differ from each other, reaction is differ.

Current, inn of door of intermediary of stannic town house amounts to many 250, trade in recent years the forehead glides ceaselessly, some already was close to closing down. In interviewing, each intermediary company coachs generally to setting a government valence, complete by buyers and sellers " bargain " new rule expresses to welcome. The personage inside course of study introduces, enter a doorsill as a result of market of intermediary of our city building inferior, intermediary had realized sufficient competition. After new rule is carried out, will make secondhand room competition aggravate, intermediary company borrows this impossibly to fool case of raise up the price. In fact, a few more current trade the intermediary company with bigger volume is attract a customer, the fashion collection medium that loses with be being hit again on the foundation of 1.5% more serves cost.

And a few average citizens express concern to this. Reviving road house property trades when the market is interviewed, a few citizens say, the intermediary that does not have stannum at present collects fees itself exists " empty is tall " phenomenon, have a government so " directive price " when, to intermediary enterprise still one is restrict surely. Unlock completely now, do not eliminate a few enterprises to seize the opportunity to rise in price, con consumer.

Those who be aimed at a citizen is anxious, concerned branch chief says, intermediary service company is in execute paid when the service, should hold to client freewill principle, must not serve compulsively with any forms enforce or coverting. Must with the price clearly marked when collect fees mark a price, fair show service content, abide by service acceptance and contract agreement, accomplish qualitative price conform to. Otherwise, once receive,inform against, they investigate gravity. In addition, consumer should be expended Fu Fan to surround when talking things over with intermediary company etc write a contract. According to introducing, the sale agent expends the commodity house in new rule is by development business precatory representative sells a business to development company collection, secondhand house business representative is expended criterion by buy the home, sell the home and intermediary company to negotiate a price. And before this, hall of construction of province prices bureau, province ever set 2003 secondhand room intermediary rate is 1.5% ― 2% , go up considering house price bigger, the rate of complete 2004 province fell 1.5% .
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