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Card of Tu Honggang house property is lost to sell a room to pour compensate 300
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Because develop business to lose house property card, house property evidence cannot be provided when causing Tu Honggang to sell a house, from this Tu Honggang is adjudicated by the court times doubler return deposit of the person that still buy a house 600 thousand yuan. After fulfilling a court decision, tu Honggang sues limited company of apartment of garden of the lake austral Beijing the court again, him claim for compensation deposit loss 300 thousand yuan. Reporter yesterday (25 days) understanding arrives, sunny court accepted this proposal formally already.

Tu Honggang bought garden of quiet place bright lake from the accused place at the means that borrowed money with mortgaging in October 2000 some apartment, entered this apartment in June 2001. Say according to Tu Honggang, after be being entered, he understood house property card, land to use card to handle a case with respect to the lawyer handling card that appoints to development business. This lawyer says, detain of the beard after house property card and land use card to had done is in mortgage a bank. 2003 in year, this lawyer gives Tu Honggang " building droit card " and " state-owned land uses card " Xerox, inform its original to be in detain the bank.

Last year, house property of decision general the place sells Tu Honggang finish gentleman, because the result cannot offer property right card to be appealed to by the other side court, requirement times doubler return return deposit. The Tu Honggang after losing a lawsuit expresses, his Ceng Xiang mortgages a bank to ask for house property card, land to use card original, but the other side says however never detain crosses afore-mentioned certificate. The understanding after he and the connection of lawyer handling card that develop business to appoint received house property card, land to use card original on June 9, 2004 to development business.

He asks for original to development business for many times, but the staff member makes him patient await all the time, certificate original is informed to already was lost again after, fill separately do need to cost 8 months left and right sides.

Tu Honggang thinks, he cannot Xiang Bixian is born to offer certificate original on time is to develop business to lose certificate original be caused by completely, also be to cause his compensation to finish gentleman the prime cause of 300 thousand yuan of deposit.

News background

2007, tu Honggang and domestic person plan are emigrant, need to sell domestic house property, final with finish the gentleman signs agreement, agreed money of change the name of owner in a register of card of building consign, house property, house pays, the relevant provision such as responsibility of breach of contract, and according to it collection 300 thousand yuan of deposit. This year in Feburary, finish because the gentleman cannot take original of house property card, inform Tu Honggang removed building business agreement, in recapture after 300 thousand yuan of deposit, come to recover pair of times deposit to appeal to him court, tu Honggang loses a lawsuit again compensate 300 thousand yuan.
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