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Garden of constant China science and technology
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Property type office building
What belong to area of area bank lake
What belong to business to encircle developing zone of gourd ladle garden trade group
Be located the position
Shake lustre road 27
Building dish brief introduction Window XO (garden of Heng Hua science and technology) be located at highway of gourd ladle lake on the west side, pillow grows park of wide brook wet ground on the west, north faces Changjiang Delta university, adjacent does not have center of stannic city new administration east, xue Langshan looks south, circumjacent environment is beautiful, changjiang Delta university, Beijing University is soft small college, the industries of 56 place, 702 science and education such as place surround, be apart from annulus too the car Cheng that Shanghai high speed and downtown mix 30 minutes 5 minutes only, future still has light course arrive directly at the urban district. The project is in 100, office building of 19 thousand square metre was cultivated in the greenbelt of 000 square metre, pioneer park office concept. At present project first phase rolls out 12 in all alone office building, establish a range all with completion, odd the area differs in 794-1500 square metre, complete frame structure, contented enterprise individuation breaks up demand.
Window XO (garden of Heng Hua science and technology) invest Shang Weiheng to give birth to electronic Inc. (SH600570) , this company is home software of government affairs of famous negotiable securities, fund, bank, futures, traffic, CTI, electron develops business, row China software 100 mix the 24th times by force software of Chinese own brand 10 strong the 5th. This constant unripe electron marchs without garden of industry of science and education of Xi Taihu new city, the Window XO that battalion carry builds (garden of Heng Hua science and technology) divide outside be being used for oneself, still hope to invite sincerely more high-tech or originality enterprise to be entered together halt, develop jointly.

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