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Digital edifice
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Property type office building
Be belonged to the area grows south area
What belong to business to encircle too group of lake square trade
Be located the position
Too lake highway and mouth of have a common boundary of clear raise road
Building dish brief introduction exceeds pure office building of type of template of intelligence of first class zoology truly
Circumjacent bazaar money of energy of life of full-bodied, person enrages bristly, atmosphere one pace reachs the designated position
Contemporary and contracted clique designs a style, connect the large area glass that faces south fully, let what you are working tensely, what all enjoy the landscape outside the window is satisfied
Property level 0 build time
Total floor counts 9 total floor area 27000
Standard level accumulates 3816 utilization rate 68%
Hall of elevator north and south each two on the west child Aodesi in the center of air conditioning air conditioning,
Sell referenced price ¥ 8, 800.00/ smooth rice rents 1.65/ of referenced price ¥ makes the same score rice / day
Commerce of transnational corporation of foreign trade of main company type decorates estate of decorate insurance advertisement
Property company does not have property of travel of bridge of stannic embellish heart to run limited company
Car digit measures 160 vehicles charge 350
Property administration fee charge of electricity of 5 other charge writtens guarantee every months, one is expressed
Security personnel fire control is automatic fire extinguishing system
The capacitance gross of remarks edifice is 40A, 3 box are expressed, interface of every two 560 telecommunication reachs every 8 phones interface, it is OK that telegraphic net is connected. Public transportation circuitry: 5, 24, 27, 41, 53, 67, 81 wait, communication is very easy. Make without key of stannic municipal government too lake square is on, it is a new heat area of the city that do not have stannum.

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