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Division of the trade before the station
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Property type office building
What belong to area of area Chong An
What belong to business to encircle area of central business affairs
Be located the position
Without stannic city Chong An area is connected the river is street
Building dish division of the trade before brief introduction stands is located in a railway station with south, emancipatory north road with north, side of north of the street before the county reachs east, on the west coupling of photograph of side and railway station, station, ancient canal, cover an area of a face to accumulate 160 thousand square metre, floor area 280 thousand square metre. Have 6 big lot, area of 8 big functions (international name tastes area of glasses of area of area, supermarket general merchandise, number area, gem, cate kind city of area, entertainment division, recreational entertainment division, children) . This trade division owns store of business of many 1300 high-quality goods, 24 hours are opened manage. 1 - 4 are spread for trader of canal edge market, business is spread from 20 smooth rice arrives on 1000 smooth rice, use vitreous face, open the commercial space that penetrate, form fashionable tide. Division of the trade before the station will build garage of underground of 30 thousand square metre, on the west side plot 1466 cars, east side 900. Car of drive a vehicle of about 10 thousand each. Division of the trade before the station after building serves as municipal government key developed a project 2003, will become door of Xi Cheng Beijing University to shop, of recreational, recreation, sightseeing, travel not nocturnal city, without the new window that stannum opens to the outside world, the Xin Liang that environmental landscape builds is nodded.
Property level 0 build time 2004
Total floor counts 12 total floor area 280000
Standard level accumulates 1800 utilization rate 75%
The elevator of 3-4 ministry high speed that every partition has elevator to disperse quite. A area and C area have mobile stair and panorama lift. Air conditioning has central air conditioning to also have fission type air conditioning, according to the actual condition of each areas and calm.
Sell referenced price ¥ 7, 500.00/ smooth rice rents 1.50/ of referenced price ¥ makes the same score rice / day
Commerce of foreign trade of main company type decorates advertisement of decorate hairdressing fitness
Property company does not have limited company of estate of stannic intermediate city (development business) Dai Deliang goes (content is in charge of)
Car digit measures 400 vehicles charge
Property administration fee 3.8 other charge
Cent of security personnel fire control is 5 large areas, every area has security personnel to patrol to be nodded with security personnel chirp. B area and E area set office spot, old hall has security personnel to be on duty. Fire control establishment is all ready. Spread and all sorts of fire extinguishing system handle official bussiness by business differ and calm.
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