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Fortune edifice
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Property type office building
What belong to area of area Chong An
What belong to business to encircle area of central business affairs
Be located the position
The road in people 220
Building dish road of brief introduction Zhongshan, the financial business street of a perforative north and south
People road, the main artery of thing of city of stannum of a join
General merchandise of general merchandise of commercial edifice, new world, 3 Yang Baicheng, ocean bristly all around
Fortune edifice, be located in them hand in collect place, heartland of economy of city of straight face stannum is the bit most flourishing
The CBD that does not have stannum (area of central business affairs) , wear thick and fast not only the fortune of this city, business chance, still having perfect program, stereo traffic and good form a complete set at the same time, as the investment of oversize city, the value potential of CBD will be detonated, produce economic fusion phenomenon, the core fortune edifice of CBD, be located in the axes position of stannic city CBD, it is the plan source dot of nuclear fission of ” of “ fusion economy.
The layer is 3.7 meters tall above, 2.6 meters of above after decorating, double loop power supply
Communal toilet, old hall is the natural stone material such as marble granite
Property level 0 build time 2005-5-15
Total floor counts 24 total floor area
Standard level accumulates 840 utilization rate 65
Elevator of 3 water chestnut high speed, guest ladder 4, goods ladder in the center of brand of new division of an air conditioning air conditioning system, the user can accuse independently lukewarm, air conditioning system has divisional region to control capacity, new wind force is in 30 stere / person / hour above
Sell referenced price ¥ 9, 000.00/ smooth rice rents 2.00/ of referenced price ¥ makes the same score rice / day
Main company type
Property company Dai Deliang goes (advisory) (management is carried out) Huajimei is believed
Car digit measures 108 vehicles charge
Property administration fee 6 other charge
Intelligence of security personnel fire control changes efficient managing
Remarks 5A intelligence changes a system: Handle official bussiness (OA) : System of load of international standard power, wiring; Communication (CA) : System of computer network communication reachs all office; Lou Yu (BA) : Main Electromechanical facility is managed by central computer; Fire control (FA) : Installation smoke feeling, lukewarm feeling and fire call the police automatically, automatic liner spray; Ensure public security (SA) : Place of security personnel key sets make one's rounds of entrance guard of TV monitoring, electron, electron more.

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