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BD couplet achieves an edifice on the west
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Property type office building
What belong to area of area bank lake
What belong to business to encircle developing zone of gourd ladle garden trade group
Be located the position
Bank developing zone of garden of lake area gourd ladle concealed excellent way · too lake highway is gone to north 500 meters
Building dish BD couplet achieves brief introduction on the west the edifice is located in area of center of development of economy of gourd ladle garden, side of north of Xi Taihu highway, east adjacent concealed excellent way, na Linyin white road. It is office of collect business affairs, commerce, exhibition, recreational recreation convert large building of business affairs office at the zoology of an organic whole. BD couplet achieves an edifice to build innovation sex ground on the west give a new-style zoology to change, the space of business affairs office that individuation, intelligence changes. Here, did not close to be opened only, have only without the depression relaxed, not blatant only halcyon, not inflexible have agile … only…
Property level 0 build time 2006
Total floor counts 18 total floor area 13935
Standard level accumulates 874 utilization rate
In the center of elevator air conditioning air conditioning
Sell 0.00/ of referenced price ¥ makes the same score rice to rent 0.00/ of referenced price ¥ makes the same score rice / day
Main company type
Property company uses a structure without stannic citizen designing institute limited company and without stannum limited company of municipal design academy invests development jointly.
Car digit measures a vehicle charge 0
Property administration fee 0 other charge
Security personnel fire control
Remarks two 18 layer buildings, among them 3-18 layer is division of office of pure business affairs, 1-2 layer is office or business shop uses a room, area 85-1000 ㎡ differs, can break up freely; Additionally about 6000 make the same score meter of 4 skirt building to enrol business external.
Regard gourd ladle garden as another nova of the developing zone, couplet achieves an edifice to be on the side of development edifice, drove whole the office atmosphere of this area. With also not the photograph of a long time of Hua Renyi scene of open quotation looks. The mainest is couplet achieves an edifice more stand by uptown, make its situation more outstanding thereby, make employee commutes more convenient also.

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