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Collect benefit square
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The square that collect benefit source of this property room | Examine ring of place business affairs
Property type commercial building
What belong to area of area north pond
What belong to business to encircle trader of Beijing University market
Be located the position
Beijing University street 27, 29
Building dish brief introduction collects benefit square to live by a 23 business multi-purpose building composition, 1-2 layer is bazaar annex, 3 equipment and property manage. Total floor area 54 thousand square, among them 15 thousand square is used at selling, odd part business is used at renting with the room, it is a collect live, handle official bussiness, commerce is the multi-purpose building of business affairs of modern apartment type of an organic whole, the layer is 3.1 meters tall, the area has 117M2- - 180M2 differs, communication of the square that collect benefit is easy, around main and public transportation circuitry has 85, 60, 15, 35 wait
Property level 1 build time 2003-10
Total floor counts 23 total floor area 5400
Standard level accumulates 2300 utilization rate 81%
Air conditioning of 2 Fuji elevator installs elevator oneself fission air conditioning
Sell referenced price ¥ 5, 000.00/ smooth rice rents 1.00/ of referenced price ¥ makes the same score rice / day
Main company type
Property company does not have limited company of property of stannic town city building
Car digit measures a vehicle charge 300
Charge of electricity of water of 1.8 other charge uses property administration fee provide for oneself
Two halls have security personnel fire control respectively security personnel is on duty 24 hours, the safety of the edifice has safeguard quite.
Remarks bank: There is subbranch of a bank of door of north of bank of transportation of subbranch of a bank of pond of north of industrial and commercial bank in, other each are big the bank also exists around other: There is boarding house of type of hotel of He Jia international in south action business becomes electric equipment market

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