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An Jubao can avoid secondhand the room trades medium capital risk
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Ask: Is An Jubao secondhand does the room trade does platform have He You dot and distinguishing feature? Answer: 1. On the safe side: The Bank of China is secondhand the room trades both sides is offerred trade fund whole course superintends a service, absolve trade bilateral trouble back at home.

2. Professional and convenient: Platform is integrated in resource of network of town house network and Bank of China pervade 128 of whole town business sites, make you conduct business more convenient and relaxed.

3. Charge privilege: Derate tradition is secondhand the room trades the partial intermediary charge of business. Clinch a deal in An Jubao secondhand room, buyers and sellers should be pressed each only 0.5% pay intermediary fee.

4. Trade transparent: Trade process information is transparent, input of net of house of the town in needing to be in only trades number, can obtain intimate friend easy progress in real time. Ask: An Jubao's capital is superintended have profit of He Shi border to buyers and sellers, how to operate?

Answer: Capital superintends a change at present head pay or sum trades capital by secondhand room intermediary company's custodial mode, by in bear superintendency responsibility all right, right secondhand room the capital of buyers and sellers trades safe and responsible, avoided secondhand the risk that the capital in house business course trades, invite a client more save worry.

Superintendency flow: Behavior buyers and sellers opens account in, buyer makes all house money him be in in on the account that opens all right, by in freeze all right, wait for a building to trade after the end, delimit directly by property right card turn to the bargainor to assign account. Accomplish all house money to be in whole trade in the process all by in superintend all right.

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