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What is estate dispute?
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Estate dispute is to point to to they are reached between citizen, legal person or other organization mutual between the controversy that the right obligation that is based on building and land produces. Specific and character, it is to point to the controversy of the rights and interests such as advantageous position of the droit about building and land, management and access.

Estate dispute: By its legal nature can distribute the estate issue of the estate dispute that is civil property and administrative property.

The estate dispute of civil property includes: Estate develops contract dispute (like commodity house business) , dispute of construction project contract (if earth is built, equipment installation, decorate) , estate serves contract dispute (if estate seeks advice, evaluate, intermediary) dispute of the estate contract that rent, property government issue, he a right tort dispute.

The estate dispute of administrative property includes: Land ownership and use controversy issue, after be being handled via concerning people government, refuse to obey sue to people court. Tear open ingoing and person of the change that be torn open to be compensated to tearing open change, find a place for after waiting for the building that does not amount to an agreement to tear open change by approval to be in charge of a branch to adjudicate on, refuse to obey sue to people court. After class of county of classics of dispute of fee of the forest land between citizen individual, legal person or other economy organization, forest or government of country class people are handled, refuse to obey sue to people court etc.

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