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Want set up shop of money carry be prosperous decorates 4 big contraindication t
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Bar -- should not be place in exit

Some shops for sales promotion commodity, often furnish bar in the exit of staircase, the purpose is the commodity that should make the client sets foot on floor to be able to see place is promoted of course, offer the possibility of commodity in order to increase, but this kind of practice often makes a few clients can intended steer clear of this bar, and the bar on the side of the trend. You might as well will block the bar in stair mouth to on the side removed 2 meters, see the effect again, believe you can feel " learn curtilage " magical function.

Acoustical evil spirit -- fasten put deafening music

Broadcast deafening music, be being done so actually is very bad, musical itself can build a kind of atmosphere really, but should looking was to build how atmosphere, gentle and refined Le Sheng, can make the client stays to forget to return repeatedly, add a client in the shop linger time, the possibility; that increases client consumption thereby and the music of shake ear is in geomantic in say for " acoustical evil spirit " , belong to fierce evil spirit a kind, make the sentiment that people comes into being a be agitated naturally, the sales promotion to the shop can have negative effect only.

Storefront color -- cannot informal calm

The color of shop decorate has very big exquisite, a lot of shops pay attention to the color with in-house storefront very much now, some businessmen pass psychological test to think, for example the more lively color such as red, meet your person be in a kind of relatively exalted position, the desire to buy that arouses people looks. From geomantic angle character, the color with in-house storefront, want and consider, bring into the attribute of commodity wood, fire, earth, gold, water 5 kinds big, mix according to the life divinatory symbols of merchant next of the shop curtilage divinatory symbols, the decorate of interior of specific and affirmatory shop is tonal, method very heavy and complicated, must ask major curtilage photograph home decide.

Inn door -- do too smally not accept is angry

The door of the shop is the pharynx and larynx of the shop, it is client and commodity discrepancy and current passageway. The door of the shop is daily greet how many what send a client, deciding a shop promote decline.

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